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Gigabit broadband with port density vector processor

Gigabit broadband with port density vector processor
Broadcom has announced the production release of the BCM65550, a 212MHz system-level vector processor, enabling gigabit broadband services to be delivered to high density residential areas. Telecom operators can now deploy fibre to these locations and leverage the existing installed copper lines for the final gigabit speed connection.
17th May 2019

WiFi 6 chip powers wireless connectivity

WiFi 6 chip powers wireless connectivity
Enabling a WiFi 6 phone, Broadcom announced that the BCM4375 chip for the Samsung Galaxy S10. Based on the 802.11ax standard, the sixth generation of WiFi, BCM4375 offers a swift, seamless and secure wireless experience for consumers. In addition to WiFi 6, the BCM4375 incorporates the latest Bluetooth 5 innovations leading to an optimised connectivity experience for Galaxy S10 users.
22nd February 2019

WiFi 6 solutions with mesh networking platforms

WiFi 6 solutions with mesh networking platforms
Provider of high performance WiFi solutions for home networking, Broadcom, has announced the availability of two new highly integrated SoCs which combine the benefits of 802.11ax with mesh networking, allowing operators to provide subscribers a premium whole home WiFi experience based on WiFi 6 technology announced by the WiFi Alliance. 
25th October 2018

60GHz mesh solution for wireless infrastructure

Broadcom has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first 60GHz wireless mesh (60G WiMesh) chipset solution designed for wireless infrastructure applications including mobile backhaul and wireless access points.
24th May 2016

5G-HD WiFi platform suits next-gen enterprises

Broadcom Limited has announced a dual-channel 5GHz WiFi access point platform designed to enable enterprise and public venue operators to optimise performance for all connected devices. The Broadcom 5G-HD platform is built on the BCM49408 quad-core CPU, enabling client devices that are 5GHz 11ac-capable to maintain the fastest possible speeds by eliminating performance degradation that occurs when slower client devices share traditional single channel 5GHz Wi-Fi access points.
14th April 2016

'Industry's highest' performing NFC controller for mobile payments

Broadcom has announced the industry's highest performing NFC controller. The BCM20797 provides greater transaction range, improved security and faster transaction speeds, which is suitable for mobile payments and transit applications. The device is part of Broadcom's overall effort to provide customers with innovations in the NFC market that advance technology capabilities and increase end-device integration.
7th January 2016

Combo chip delivers up to three times longer battery life

Delivering up to three times longer battery life compared to the company's previous combo chips, Broadcom has announced its latest and lowest power WiFi/Bluetooth combo chip for mobile platforms and accessories. The BCM43012 enables OEMs to design a new wave of high-performance connected devices.
6th January 2016

'Industry's first' 64-bit quad-core router processor

From CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Broadcom has announced the industry's first 64bit quad-core processor for high-end routers. The BCM4908 enables OEMs and service providers to deliver the extra CPU power needed for smart home and IoT applications while unleashing the higher internet speeds coming into the home.
6th January 2016

Higher port speeds enable 802.11ac wave 2 wireless access points

Broadcom Corporation has announced a enterprise Ethernet switches designed to deliver the faster data rates offered by 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi. Built on Broadcom’s StrataXGS architecture, the BCM56060 and BCM56160 enable OEMs to design cost-optimised network switches that enable high speed, robust Internet access across both traditional and new all-wireless enterprise networks.
18th November 2015

Single-chip PON OLT device is first commercial silicon solution

Broadcom has introduced the industry's most comprehensive universal PON (Passive Optical Network) device for OLTs (Optical Line Terminals). The latest chip gives OEMs and operators the greatest flexibility in deployment, promoting broader fibre services around the world.
21st October 2015

Commercial silicon support for VDSL2 35b & bonding standards

Broadcom has announced VDSL2 35b and bonding support for two protocols under development in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). With support for these new standards, Broadcom is enabling DSL network operators with a long-term roadmap for competitive high-bandwidth services with minimal investment to their physical plants.
20th October 2015

Network library doubles the number of open APIs

Broadcom Corporation has announced the second release of the Broadcom Open Network Switch Library (OpenNSL), the industry's most complete collection of open network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). With double the number of production-ready Open APIs now available, OpenNSL 2.0 enables the development of innovative open source networking projects on Broadcom's best-in-class silicon platforms. 
5th October 2015

Automotive-grade wireless chips deliver high-speed connectivity

Broadcom has announced two connectivity chips in its automotive portfolio. Broadcom's automotive-grade wireless chips, featuring the latest in 5G WiFi and Bluetooth Smart technology, enable car makers and tier one integrators to keep pace with the speed and growth of consumer electronics and IoT industry. The solutions deliver high-speed connectivity within and beyond the vehicle, providing Internet, cloud applications and entertainment content via telematics or hot spot connections.
15th September 2015

Wearables chip saves power & improves location experience

Broadcom has announced a GNSS chip for IoT and wearable devices. The advanced chip enables devices such as fitness bands to deliver pinpoint location while consuming minimal power and in some cases can eliminate the need for a separate MCU.
14th September 2015

Detect, classify & mitigate network WiFi interference

Broadcom has announced AIR-IQ, claimed to be the industry's fastest and most accurate spectrum management technology for enterprise 5G WiFi access points. AIR-IQ allows OEMs to design enterprise access points, particularly for high-density environments, with advanced WLAN air management capabilities to ensure a reliable WiFi experience.
2nd September 2015

The first 10G EPON residential gateway for cable MSOs

A DOCSIS-compatible 10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) residential gateway reference design has been introduced by Broadcom. The platform allows cable MSOs to provide multi-Gigabit speeds for home subscribers' VoD, HD IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet via a FTTH solution. 
4th August 2015

Protocol for contactless ticketing has been licensed

A widely deployed protocol for contactless ticketing, transportation and access applications, the MIFARE from Broadcom, has been licensed. With this adoption, Broadcom supports a growing set of NFC and related payment applications in mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices.
9th June 2015

The fastest 5G WiFi router platform on the market

An eight-stream 5G WiFi router platform, claimed to be the fastest in the market, has been released by Broadcom. The second generation 5G WiFi XStream MU-MIMO platform delivers an unrivalled 5.4Gb/s of total WiFi data rates. 
3rd June 2015

Bluetooth Smart SoC doubles data rates for IoT devices

A Bluetooth Smart SoC that enables twice the data rates over a Bluetooth Smart link has been released by Broadcom. The BCM20706, which expands the company’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) family, extends the battery life of IoT devices. 
13th May 2015

SDK now offers full HomeKit support

Broadcom has announced that its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) SDK now offers full HomeKit support. The company is the first to meet HomeKit technical specifications for WiFi and Bluetooth Smart. 
12th May 2015

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