Lost your wallet? No stress – just call it

19th July 2019
Source: Ekster
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Lost your wallet? No stress – just call it

With apps such as ‘Find my iPhone’ that help you find your misplaced mobile, you have that assurance when you reach in your pocket for your phone and it feels empty that you’ll be able to locate it. But when it comes to looking for your wallet it’s sheer dread as you can’t track your wallet. Until now. The Ekster Wallet is a wallet designed around the principles of efficiency, security and peace of mind.

This ultra-slim trackable wallet ensures you never lose your wallet again by employing a solar-powered Crowd-GPS tracker. From just three hours of sunlight, charging ensures the tracker will last for two months, so it’s not another device that needs adding to that ‘must charge overnight’ list.  

The tracker is a removable card holder, and runs on solar energy using patented highly efficient solar power integration. Through this GPS technology the wallet connects remotely to your phone so it is always just a click of a button away, and allows you to ring your wallet as well as tracking it on a map.

Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the tracker is compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 and works within a 200ft, 60 metre radius, and additionally has the loudest ringer in the market.

Most wallets don’t have any security built into them, which is quite baffling when you think about how important your wallet is and how lost you would be without it.

So why not protect it?

That is exactly what the Ekster wallet does with RFID protection, ensuring you are safe against the ever increasing electronic pickpockets. Ever since the contactless payment method was introduced, criminals have clicked on to taking money from your cards through the same method, when in close proximity, for example on the tube or a packed London bus. The Ekster wallet includes RFID protection technology within the wallet to protect cards from wireless skimming and private data stealing.

The Ekster is often referred to as the ‘ultra slim’ wallet, and when you hold the wallet you cannot argue. The wallet itself starts at just 0.38cm (0.15”) actually making it the slimmest smart wallet currently available on the market. Therefore, it was essential that the tracker was very slim too to easily slip into the wallet, and not take up too much room, and it is therefore designed to look like a card.

Holding the tracker in your hand you can feel how lightweight the design is, another essential feature in giving the consumer the best possible experience.

Not just practical, the wallet includes features to make accessing your cards as easy as possible. Within the wallet is an integrated card-slider mechanism, so you have everything literally at your fingertips. It takes just one very easy click of the trigger and you will see the most frequently used cards in your wallet at your fingertips. Can’t decide which one you use the most? Well you can keep up to six cards in this section at any one time.

Voice synchronised

Just when it feels you couldn’t ask anymore from a wallet, the Ekster wallet has been made to sync up with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so even when you have your hands full at home, you can just simply ask where your wallet is – genius.

The Ekster Wallet was born from two Dutch college students and a combination of their passion and frustration. Rick and Oliver were frustrated with how the normal wallet was made, and how the perfect wallet did not exist. They both had a thriving passion to upgrade this every-day essential item to become more modern and practical.

The company states: “We named our company Ekster after the Dutch word for magpie, a deceptively smart bird with a penchant for collecting and hiding shiny things. In the spirit of the magpie, we wanted to create classically attractive products with hidden tech to protect important everyday valuables.”

As well as being super practical and including features to make your wallet your new favourite item, the Ekster wallets were designed to be very easy on the eye would be an understatement. The company believe the Ekster Wallet has five elements that make it stand out from the rest: efficiency, safeguarding, innovation, quality craftsmanship and style. And honestly once you have seen one I would challenge you to disagree.

Fast forward three years of hard work, and you can see it has paid off, with the Ekster Wallet now being the largest smart wallet brand available.

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