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A window of opportunity for smart home service success

The world’s cable and TV operators are facing increasing competition in their core business, providing 'free' television and pay channels for entertainment. By Cees Links, CEO and Founder, Greenpeak.
11th March 2016

What do IoT & smart home device makers need to know?

Worldwide, thousands of technology companies are viewing the IoT and the smart home as the holy grail for their products and profits. Most industry analysts and leaders are predicting that hundreds of millions of homes will want these new technologies. By Cees Links, CEO and Founder, GreenPeak Technologies.
4th February 2016

Combination Smart Home radio chip on show at CES

Combination Smart Home radio chip on show at CES
GreenPeak Technologies has revealed that it will demonstrate its single radio multi-protocol and multi-channel chipset for ZigBee and Thread networks at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas. This solution offers a cost-optimised and future-proof solution that can combine these different communication protocols for connected home applications.
5th January 2016

Wireless LED lighting solution supports multiple protocols

Wireless LED lighting solution supports multiple protocols
Based on the company's GP651 communication chip that can support various ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocols, GreenPeak Technologies has launched a low-cost ambient lighting application. GreenPeak's wireless LED lighting solution can combine LED lights with smart ambient applications, giving residents the creative freedom to create lighting scenes that match mood and function.
14th December 2015

The IoT enables seniors to live longer independently at home

The IoT enables seniors to live longer independently at home
The Sensara Senior Lifestyle System is an IoT service application that can help seniors to securely and comfortably live at home longer. This provides peace of mind to seniors, their loved ones and their carers. This solution utilises the latest generation sensing, communication and smart cloud technologies. By Cees Links, Founder and CEO, GreenPeak Technologies.
6th November 2015

A Smart Home Butler, not a bunch of connected things

A Smart Home Butler, not a bunch of connected things
Why should the industry market the IoT as an Internet of Services instead of an Internet of Things? Instead of focusing on a smart door lock, a smart windows sensor, an IoT hub or gateway – we should shift our marketing focus to the bigger picture. What can the Smart Home butler do for us to make our lives safer, easier and more efficient?
9th October 2015

GreenPeak & Sensara develop innovative smart home platform

Sensara, a specialist in self-learning monitoring technology, has entered into a strategic alliance with GreenPeak Technologies for developing an intelligent Smart Home platform. Through combining their expertise, these innovative companies anticipate strengthening their front-runner positions in this fast-growing market.
2nd October 2015

Smart city application for assisted car parking in China

GreenPeak Technologies and Dusun Electron have announced their partnership with the launch of their first smart city assisted parking application that addresses the growing parking problems in China’s larger cities.
11th September 2015

GreenPeak celebrates over 100m ZigBee chips shipped

GreenPeak Technologies has announced that it has shipped well over 100m IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee chips into the Smart Home market. GreenPeak RF chips are used in a wide range of consumer products including STBs and gateways, remote controls, home monitoring devices for security, energy efficiency and lifestyle applications. Many of the STBs and internet gateways already have ZigBee inside, providing great opportunities for device and application developers to introduce Smart Home solutions that can connect to this available home sensor network, as well as for operators to offer additional services.
2nd September 2015

ZigBee 3.0 - What do smart home & IoT Developers need to know?

ZigBee 3.0 - What do smart home & IoT Developers need to know?
As the IoT market accelerates and becomes more of a reality, the hype surrounding it becomes more intense and more confusing. It is time for a reality check to take inventory of where things really stand, and to make some assessment of where things are going. Some confusion has been cleared, and some confusion has exacerbated. This is what decision makers need to know, according to Cees Links, CEO, GreenPeak.
20th July 2015

Chipset simultaneously supports ZigBee & Thread

Chipset simultaneously supports ZigBee & Thread
GreenPeak Technologies has announced what it claims to be the industry’s first single radio multi-protocol chipset with multi-channel receive capability for STBs, gateways and other advanced IoT devices. The GP712 will enable devices to support multiple protocols in normal operation, or to create a single SKU (stock keeping unit) that determines the type of protocol used in the consumer’s home at the time of installation instead of as a factory selection.
30th June 2015

Safely drive the internet highway to the smart home

Safely drive the internet highway to the smart home
Compared to most of the world’s infrastructure, it is amazing how primitive and lawless the internet really is. Yes, the web is technically sophisticated but when trying to understand how it should be used and how it can benefit our lives, it is still a wild and unruly path, needing a great deal of growth and maturing. By Cees Links, CEO, GreenPeak Technologies.
2nd June 2015

When will RF4CE land in Europe?

When will RF4CE land in Europe?
Originally developed by the consumer electronics industry to connect remote controls to TVs and DVD players, RF4CE devices have become the essential accessory for the Smart Home, and are the subject of a recently-published GreenPeak whitepaper. Within the last few years, RF4CE has become the dominant standard, adopted by all leading operators and STB/remote control makers in the USA. Worldwide, over 100m STBs and remote controls are already using ZigBee, and this number is growing rapidly.
30th April 2015

ZigBee & Thread collaboration analysed by Cees Links

ZigBee & Thread collaboration analysed by Cees Links
The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group recently announced that they are collaborating to aid development of connected home products, opening the door for the ZigBee Cluster Library Application Protocol to run on Thread networks. This is a big step forward to making the IoT and the Smart Home real. Check out the detailed analysis from Cees Links, CEO, GreenPeak, below:
16th April 2015

Our stupid world dresses smart but isn't quite up to scratch

Our stupid world dresses smart but isn't quite up to scratch
Why are our cars still so much smarter than our so-called Smart Homes? Various analyst groups and industry prognosticators have been tossing out some very big numbers. According to these fortune tellers, within the next few years, there will be hundreds of millions, tens of billions, even trillions of smart homes connected by the IoT.
9th April 2015

Smart system enables the elderly to live at home independently

GreenPeak Technologies and ZTE Health have signed a partnership agreement to develop Smart Home applications and to provide smart solutions for the world’s ageing population. This new application enables people to live longer at home independently while providing peace of mind to their care-givers and family.
31st March 2015

Passive IR sensor targets smart home applications

Expanding its smart home portfolio, GreenPeak Technologies has announced a reference design for a low cost Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor with outstanding performance. Based on GreenPeak’s GP490 ZigBee communication chip, the reference design uses the patented antenna diversity mechanism for enhanced wireless range and full home coverage.
25th March 2015

What SmartHome device developers need to know

What SmartHome device developers need to know
Hundreds of millions, dozens of billions? The estimates of how many connected devices will constitute the Smart Home market are all over the map. The only agreement is that this sector is going to be big and will be extremely important to the future of the electronics industry. By Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak.
18th March 2015

Who will win the battle of the IoT standards?

Who will win the battle of the IoT standards?
There is a great deal of overlap and confusion when it comes to IoT standards. Device developers and design engineers understandably have lots of questions. Cees Links, CEO, GreenPeak Technologies, has written a whitepaper covering who is doing what and why it matters, guiding readers through the various layers to try and make sense of it all.
20th February 2015

The three phases of the smart home

How technology is enabling homeowners to manage and control a diverse spectrum of home conditions, either from within the home or anywhere they can get an internet connection. By Cees Links, Founder & CEO, GreenPeak.
12th January 2015

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