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Partnership enables secure IoT solutions based on Dash7 technology

Partnership enables secure IoT solutions based on Dash7 technology
  XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH having already developed a range of professional industrial IoT solutions using LoRa technology have entered into a strategic and industrial partnership with CORTUS to develop and deliver a range of secure products and solutions for IoT using its CIoT25 low power IoT platform based on Dash7 technology.
26th June 2018

Addressing the challenges of IoT implementation

The SIPO IoT Forum, taking place on 20th June 2017 and the NKIC Seminar at Nan-Kang Incubation Center on the 22nd June 2017, both taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, will see Cortus present the ‘Challenges in ASIC Design for IoT’.
8th June 2017

Challenges in ASIC Design for IoT to be presented by Cortus

Cortus has announced that they will be presenting 'Challenges in ASIC Design for IoT' at the IoT seminar. They will complement this with a seminar later in the week covering a number of these aspects in greater detail.
6th June 2017

IoT platform is available on Cortus’ APS processor cores

Cortus and Nabto have announced the availability of the uNabto communication platform on Cortus’ APS processor cores. uNabto is a low-bandwidth web server protocol that runs on any Cortus APS core and employs an innovative approach to bypassing firewalls and providing GUI-based internet access to a wide range of embedded applications, using only 16KB of Flash and less than 1kB of RAM. uNabto running on Cortus APS cores with the Cortus Ethernet 10/100 MAC enables ‘Skype-like’ connectivity from SoC to browsers on mobile phones, PCs and to Big Data systems.
10th March 2015

IPv6 stack features APS processor core for IoT applications

Oryx Embedded's CycloneTCP, a dual IPv4 & IPv6 stack aimed at embedded applications, is now available on Cortus’ APS processor cores. By supporting IPv6, the stack enables the development of SoC for both IoT edge devices and complex gateways.
6th March 2015

Processor core eases integration of IoT devices

Designed for low-power, connected intelligent devices, the APS23 processor core has been introduced by Cortus. Based on the company's v2 instruction set, the core improves efficiency, eases integration and lowers the total cost of ownership. The v2 instruction set reduces the size of the system's instruction memory, allowing the processor core to reduce embedded system power.
9th October 2014

Cortus and RivieraWaves Partner to Provide Complete Bluetooth Low Energy and Classic Bluetooth BR/EDR Low Power Platforms

Cortus and RivieraWaves announce a partnership providing a range of complete, turnkey, easy to integrate, Bluetooth IP solutions. One of the Platforms, coming out of this partnership, is a complete, fully qualified, Bluetooth Low Energy solution, specifically designed for ultra low power systems requiring exceptionally long battery life.
27th September 2010

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