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RFID evolution enables smarter tracking

RFID evolution enables smarter tracking
Did you know the origins of RFID technology can be traced to WWII? However, RFID as a technology only started to gain any recognition in product surveillance tags during the 1960s. Since then, RFID’s popularity has shown no signs of dimming. Used in any situation that requires contactless and non-line-of-sight identification of an individual object, RFID systems are now found at the heart of most supply chains.
15th December 2017

Altitude measurements help to keep you fit

Altitude measurements help to keep you fit
  How can MEMS pressure sensors help you keep fit? Well, they are now commonly being integrated into wearable activity monitors that help consumers track their daily activities and thereby monitor their fitness levels.
6th March 2017

An introduction to wireless charging

An introduction to wireless charging
  Battery charging without cables can add convenience, durability and safety to a number of different applications. For example, smartphone charging on the go, such as in public places, or home charging stations that don’t require that search for the correct charging cable.
6th March 2017

Creating challenges and opportunities for connector manufacturers

The Internet of Things is a common topic, as the next great wave of technology which will drive the electronics industry forward with 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, according to some experts. Alan Jermyn explains.
10th February 2017

Boosting growth of the LoRaWAN network architecture

Avnet Silica, an Avnet company, announced it has joined the LoRa Alliance as an ‘Adopter’ member to support development, growth and adoption of networks based on the LoRa protocol (LoRaWAN) low-power wide-area networking technology (LPWAN). Prior to joining the LoRa, Avnet Silica had already built-in support for LoRaWAN via the company’s ‘Visible Things’ industrial IoT platform.
9th February 2017

Design trends: Batteries for IoT

Design trends: Batteries for IoT
The IoT phenomenon is allowing the collection of data from sensor nodes practically anywhere in the environment, and giving non-electronic objects the ability to communicate, opening up a whole sphere of applications for electronic systems. Selecting batteries for IoT connected systems can be tricky, as there is such a wide variety of application types.
24th January 2017

LoRa wireless module targets M2M, IoT applications

LoRa wireless module targets M2M, IoT applications
A new and highly compact module that is compliant with the LoRaWAN specification for narrowband wireless connectivity is in stock at Avnet Abacus. Measuring only 12.5 x 11.6 x 1.76mm in a metal-shielded LGA package, the low-cost module from Murata is one of the world’s smallest solutions for adding LoRa based wireless connectivity for a range of products and applications including Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).
2nd November 2016

Using flexible platforms to reduce cost

Using flexible platforms to reduce cost
While many aspects of the IoT remain unresolved, if there is one certainty it is that there will be no ‘normal’. Every ‘thing’ in the IoT will likely be designed to accomplish a specific objective. And commercial pressure will demand that it achieves that objective in the most cost effective way possible. Avnet Memec Silica explain.
1st June 2016

'Visible Things' platform could enhance the IoT

'Visible Things' platform could enhance the IoT
Avnet Memec announced the launch of the Visible ThingsTM platform for the development of IoT systems and applications. Targeting a wide range of industrial markets, Visible Things is a highly flexible and comprehensive evaluation and development platform for edge-to-enterprise IoT projects. The platform delivers tested, proven, secure and integrated hardware and embedded software to connect smart sensors and embedded devices via gateway solutions or LPWAN, right through to the cloud and enterprise software applications.
25th February 2016

Protecting wearable electronics from the human body

Protecting wearable electronics from the human body
Wearable electronic devices are presenting new challenges to circuit protection technology, says Adam Chidley, European Product Manager, Avnet Abacus. The human body is one of the biggest enemies of circuit protection for modern portable electronic devices, because of ESD.
11th September 2015

Antenna technology for the IoT

Antenna technology for the IoT
Connecting devices is key for IoT and M2M applications. Wireless links are a fundamental way of making these connections, allowing devices to be configured and controlled around the world. But this global capability introduces a wide range of choices that impact on the power consumption and performance of the whole system.
2nd June 2015

Bringing 5G one step closer

New wireless technologies emerging in response to demand from the IoT are now augmenting global cellular networks, bringing 5G one step closer. By Guillaume Crinon, Business Development Manager, Avnet Memec.
19th March 2015

Radio chipset lowers complexity & time-to-market for ISM designs

Avnet Memec has announced the introduction of a chipset for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band radios. The chipset combines application-specific integrated passive devices with the industry's leading low-power transceiver. The advanced ISM radio chip-set solution is based on the new generation of companion chip products from silicon passive devices supplier IPDiA, which have been designed specifically for use with Semtech's SX1211 – the industry's lowest-power integrated UHF RF transceiver. This low-cost single-chip transceiver operates in the frequency ranges from 863-870, 902-928 MHz and 950-960 MHz, and consumes just 3mA in receive mode.
21st November 2011

Avnet Memec to Show Advanced New Technologies at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2011

Avnet Memec will be demonstrating its portfolio of key technologies on booth C76 at the Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2011 event in Amsterdam 4th – 6th October. Suppliers including, Cirrus Logic, Echelon Energy Micro, Intersil and Silicon Labs will highlight technologies for smart, gas, water and heat meters alongside lowest power wireless MCU and long range communications devices.
14th September 2011

Mobile, Wireless 3G solution from Trident and TDC

Mobile, Wireless 3G solution from Trident and TDC
Trident and TDC have joined forces to offer a dust, rain and splash resistant PC for harsh environments, powered by an energy efficient, VIA C7 1 GHz processor, with an IP65 rating and fanless operation. With on-chip encryption, SSE2 / SSE3 support, integrated hardware MPEG-2 decoding acceleration, the MMB Mobile fulfils all media needs. It offers an external wide input DC voltage range from 6V to 36V and many battery protection features.
29th October 2007

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