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Toshiba and Panasonic cooperate on highly integrated Bluetooth module

Toshiba Electronics Europe and Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe have announced that they are cooperating on a highly integrated module that will enable users to add Bluetooth connectivity to devices easily and efficiently. Target applications will include industrial, automation, medical, personal sport and fitness equipment.
21st August 2012

TI’s BLE-Stack 1.2, next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software

TI’s BLE-Stack 1.2, next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software
TI have unveiled their latest Bluetooth low energy application software, the BLE-Stack 1.2, based on the Bluetooth v4.0 release. The BLE-Stack 1.2 is designed to further drive Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices such as wearables—a market experiencing large growth as manufacturers take advantage of the increased numbers of Bluetooth v4.0-enabled smartphones and tablets.
23rd July 2012

Compact ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antenna

Compact ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antenna
Murata today announced the mass production of the LBCA2ZZVZE Bluetooth Low Energy wireless module that includes a chip antenna and all the Bluetooth protocol stacks required for low-energy communication. Designed for a broad range of consumer electronics the module also benefits from healthcare protocol profiles being included in the stacks.
26th June 2012

EM Microelectronic Announces the EM9301, the World’s Lowest Voltage Bluetooth Low Energy Controller

EM Microelectronic Announces the EM9301, the World’s Lowest Voltage Bluetooth Low Energy Controller
EM Microelectronic announces its Bluetooth smart-qualified controller, the EM9301. Optimized for ultra-low power wireless sensing, remote control and monitoring applications, the EM9301 operates on as little as 0.8V. It can be powered by a wide range of common single-cell batteries or energy harvesters such as solar cells, piezo-electric and electro-magnetic elements.
6th June 2012

Fully Qualified Class 2 Bluetooth Module

Fully Qualified Class 2 Bluetooth Module
The RN-42 from Roving Networks is functionally compatible with the RN-41. The primary difference between the RN-42 and RN-41 is that the RN-42 is a Class 2 device, meaning its range is about 50 to 60 feet and correspondingly the power consumption is reduced. The RN-42 is perfect for short range, battery powered applications and by default is ready to use in the SPP configuration. The RN-42 uses only 26uA in sleep mode while still being discoverable and connectable.
19th April 2012

Nordic Semiconductor officially launches the world’s first complete Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart) mouse and keyboard reference design to customers

Available now, this new reference designs extends Nordic Semiconductor's Bluetooth low energy (or Bluetooth Smart as Bluetooth low energy will now be marketed to consumers) offering with a complete hardware and software solution for Bluetooth Smart mice and keyboards. The nRFready µBlue Desktop reference design is set to take Bluetooth wireless computer peripherals to the next level by delivering over a year of battery life for a mouse, and up to 10 years for the keyboard.
27th March 2012

CEVA Extends Bluetooth Portfolio With Bluetooth 4.0 IP

CEVA, Inc. today announced the availability of its low energy CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0 IP, for both single mode and dual mode applications. Building on more than a decade of experience in designing and licensing Bluetooth technology for embedded applications, CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0 extends the existing CEVA-Bluetooth IP product line, which has shipped in millions of handsets, consumer electronics and automotive products.
9th March 2012

connectBlue Releases a Turnkey Bluetooth Low Energy Module

connectBlue launches a new Bluetooth module based on the latest Bluetooth Specification Version 4.0, featuring Bluetooth low energy technology. The Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425 offers a unique set of features and functionality that provides customers with a turnkey complete solution. The OLP425 can either be delivered as is with digital and analog GPIOs or complete with battery, temperature sensor, accelerometers, and humidity sensor.
15th February 2012

Broadcom Enables up to 10 Year Battery Life for Bluetooth Keyboards

Broadcom Corporation has introduced a new reference design and accompanying software that will dramatically increase battery life for wireless keyboards based on the classic bluetooth basic rate radio. Broadcom's new design, featuring updated firmware and innovative techniques designed to minimize power consumption, will yield a new generation of keyboards and other Human Interface Devices (HIDs) that could operate for the life of the product on a single pair of AA batteries.
7th December 2011

BlueRadios and Stonestreet One Deliver Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Low Energy Module

BlueRadios, Inc. and Stonestreet One together introduce BlueBridge BR-LE4.0-D2A, a completely self-contained Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode low energy module which utilizes the Texas Instruments CC2564 base band chip, integrating antenna, radio, MSP430 microcontroller, and fully integrated Bluetopia® software stack into an 11.8x17.6x1.9mm package. In addition, BlueRadios is introducing a pin-for-pin compatible nBlue™ BR-LE4.0-S2A single mode nano ampere network module with the TI CC2540 processor. Both modules are fully compliant with FCC and CE EMC requirements.
16th November 2011

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