One mobile with many networks

24th October 2016
Posted By : Anna Flockett
One mobile with many networks

Losing signal on your phone, for some people can be a dangerous, for example if you are a mountain rescue worker, being out of contact could result in loss of life. This can be prevented with the latest technology called ‘Multisim’ which is not to be confused with dual-SIM mobiles which have been around for a while.

Multisim is when a single SIM card has essentially been programmed to allow roaming onto other networks in addition to the one operated by your usual phone company so you get the best signal no matter where you are.

Several UK companies are now in the early stages of rolling out the new Multisim technology, and it is very simple to use. When you are in a hotspot area with multiple networks, the Multisim will automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal.

Again if you enter an area called a ‘notspot’ (a place with low signal for a service provider) you will automatically be connected to the strongest signal in that area, and then where possible you will be connected back to your original network.

This technology doesn’t require an app and will work on almost any handset; however the signal is not omnipotent and will drop during processes of changing from one network to another. On the brighter side, if your phone is in use for a call on a secondary network when this happens, the re-connection will be delayed until you are finished.

Obviously for people who live and work in remote areas where having signal is pretty essential this will work as a god send. For business mobile users again the benefits are second to none; you can lose out on many opportunities through missed and dropped calls, so reliability is critical for the company and customer service.

Nearly 21% of the UK has poor coverage, so with more networks you can see the advantage. Throughout the UK ten percent of A roads and 16% of B roads have poor coverage, so essentially a Multisim whilst travelling can make a huge difference.

When using your phone for a lot of business, think of it as a form of insurance for your operations, as well as being cost-effective as multiple contracts with multiple providers are no longer needed.

Many of us experience poor signal at home or work in general, so to be more in touch the Multisim can help you, even if it is to make an emergency call where ever you are.

Most handsets should work with the technology, some obviously work better; in terms of an iPhone anything above an iPhone 4 will work, as long as you are using iOS7.12 and above, again for the Samsung, the S4 and anything after is compatible.

Anything above the Lumia 540 will work for the Windows phones, (including this model) and Nokia users need at least a 301 model. Finally if you are with Motorola you need a Moto G and above.

Multisim technology is still very new and there are companies out there who already have Multisim offerings such as Immervox. The market looks very busy but exciting for 2017.

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