Wearable technologies shaking up content marketing

9th February 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett
Wearable technologies shaking up content marketing


One of the most effective ways to reach a huge audience of business leads, customers and people who are interested in a particular topic, niche or industry is content market, and this has really taken off in recent years.

Text, images, audio and video have been the main formats used to deliver this content to the masses through websites hosted by companies like bestwebhosting.co.uk and social media websites. However, as wearable technologies continue to advance and become more popular, the way businesses and marketers reach out to their target audiences could be about to change forever.

Types of wearables currently available
The wearable industry is still a relatively new industry and there will be many developments and changes to these devices in the near future. The most popular and most common wearable devices currently available include smart watches, virtual reality, augmented reality and smart home tech items.

What's next for wearable technologies?
The wearable devices and technologies currently available from wearable manufacturers have fairly basic functions, but as more companies enter the wearable industry and these products become more popular, these technologies will continue to improve and increase in functionality. These advances will eventually change the way many people consume information and how they will be marketed to using new and improved content marketing practices.

Current limitations of wearbale technologies
At the moment, the latest wearable products like smart watches are not ideal for people who want to consume information. This is a situation that will remain for the foreseeable future until a more practical way of using wearable products becomes available.

Future implications of wearables on content marketers and the way they distribute their content
Eventually, the technologies available to wearable users will evolve and improve, which means these developments will have a huge impact on the way content marketing is carried out.

Much of the content that is currently published online is in text format and this is a trend that will continue for many years to come. However, some believe that this may change and other new formats will become more popular, and these new formats will be accepted by those who are being marketed to using valuable content.

Audio in particular is an effective way to communicate with an online audience and people who use wearable technologies. This was evident throughout 2016, as more people than ever listened to podcasts and preferred to get their content in this way instead of through text. Unlike many other formats, audio is a more flexible option because no interface is required to view or read audio content.

As virtual reality and augmented reality technologies improve, they look set to play an even bigger role in the content marketing world. These technologies will also need to evolve and change and become more suitable for this way of marketing.

As you can see, wearable technologies are playing a bigger role in many aspects of our lives. The way we are marketed to is another area that will be impacted by this new technology.

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