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Agilent Technologies Announces the Industry's Highest Performance Millimeter-Wave Signal Analyzer

Agilent Technologies Inc announces that its PXA signal analyzer is now the industry's highest performance millimeter-wave signal analyzer, covering frequencies up to 50 GHz. With external mixing, it can cover 325 GHz and beyond. The result is easier, more accurate millimeter-wave measurements.
7th April 2011

AceAxis Upgrades A-UP LTE Test Equipment Platform

AceAxis Ltd haslaunched the latest version of its A-UP universal LTE and WiMAX test equipment platform
7th April 2011

Agilent Technologies Introduces EMI Receiver that Enhances Compliance Testing through Excellent Input Sensitivity

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the introduction of the N9038A MXE EMI receiver, which is designed for laboratories that perform compliance testing of electrical and electronic products.
7th April 2011

Aeroflex Announces New Application for DMR Radio Protocol Testing for the 3920 Analog and Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex Incorporated announces the availability of a new PC-based application for sending and receiving Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) radio data, using the 3920 as the generator and receiver. With this application, it is now possible for engineers and technicians to capture data from DMR radios and repeaters and also transmit userdefined data over the air to dynamically analyze DMR radio messages and isolate transmission and receiver problems in DMR systems.
16th March 2011

Aeroflex and RELM Wireless Announce Automated Tests and Alignment for BK DPHX5102X Series Radios

Test system provides BK dealers and end users with unique competitive advantage
16th March 2011

New Software for the Aeroflex 3500A Hand-held Radio Test Set Adds Test Capability for Latest Narrowband Digital Radio Systems

Aeroflex Incorporated announced two new digital radio test options for the 3500A Handheld Radio Test Set. Software version 3.8.0 includes new features that extend the test capabilities of the 3500A to the latest land mobile digital radio standards. The 3500A can now test Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and NXDN digital narrowband mobile stations and repeaters. This testing includes the ability to measure the key RF parameters of the DMR and NXDN digital modulation including FSK error, symbol deviation, frequency error, and power.
16th March 2011

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