10 GigE Network testing solutions enhanced

16th January 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett

Enhanced with Multistream Traffic Generation and Analysis and RFC 6349 based TCP throughput testing features, GL Communications have announced its enhanced 10Gbps Network Testing Solutions.

Jagdish Vadalia, Senior Manager for Product Development of the company said: “10Gbps Ethernet offers data speeds up to 10 billion bits per second, generally over single mode or multimode fibre optic lines. It is also referred to as 10 GE, 10 GigE, or 10 GbE. 10 Gbps is compatible with existing Ethernet protocols and can be easily integrated into existing networks.”

He added: “GL's PacketExpert 10G with two 10Gbps Optical Ports and two 10/100/1000 Mbps Electrical/Optical Ports provides comprehensive testing of 10Gbps/1Gbps Ethernet/IP networks. With the capability to generate/receive traffic with stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q) and stacked MPLS, PacketExpert finds use in testing a wide range of networks - from testing individual links/switches, testing local Ethernet/IP networks (LAN), end to end testing of Wide Area Networks (WAN), testing Core/MPLS networks, and much more.”

Vadalia explained: “The two important features added to the 10Gbps Network Performance Testing are: Multistream Traffic Generation and Analysis and RFC 6349 based TCP Throughput Testing referred to as ExpertTCP.GL's Multi Stream Traffic Generator and Analyser is capable of generating and analysing up to 16 IP/UDP streams at full wire speed of 10 Gbps. It is particularly useful for end to end performance testing of IP networks.

“Traffic Generation supports simulating up to 16 IP/UDP streams. User can configure different MAC/IP addresses and UDP ports for each stream. Also, each stream can be configured with different frame lengths (both single as well as mix of frame sizes) and rates and this generation capability helps users to emulate various application traffic like VoIP streams, data streams and more.

“Multi Stream Traffic Generator and Analyser simultaneously support analysis of up to 16 full wire speed streams. Analysis provides detailed statistics such as Throughput, Packet Loss, Latency (Round trip latency) and Jitter and all these statistics are provided per stream.”

He further added: “GL's ExpertTCP is intended to measure end to end TCP Throughput, and is based on RFC 6349 test methodology. This test method can be used in conjunction with RFC 2544 or ExpertSAM, to measure the true TCP throughput experienced by customers (which can be different from the IP layer throughput measured by RFC 2544/ExpertSAM).

“ExpertTCP supports up to 16 TCP connections, at full wire speed of 10Gbps. All 3 RFC 6349 stipulated tests – Path MTU, Baseline RTT and TCP Throughput tests are supported. Detailed results like the TCP Throughput, TCP Efficiency, Buffer Delay Percentage, TCP Transfer Time Ratio can be obtained. And various graphs/statistics of Throughput, Retranmissions and Round Trip Times help users gain insights into the various aspects of TCP performance.”

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