Mobile solutions for friendlier yet secure border control

17th November 2017
Posted By : Enaie Azambuja
Mobile solutions for friendlier yet secure border control


Across the Member States, border control authorities are hard-pressed to both enforce security and facilitate mobility within the EU. Advanced mobile solutions are slated to help facilitate non-intrusive border crossing for legitimate travellers while guarding against illegal and threatening cross-border activities.

The project MOBILEPASS (A secure, modular and distributed mobile border control solution for European land border crossing points) has designed and demonstrated a mobile solution for use at land border crossing points.

Embedded in border crossing workflow, the technologically advanced equipment enables border control authorities to check European, visa-holding and frequent third country travellers faster, more comfortably and more securely.

Project work involved contributions from system and component producers, research institutions and governmental authorities, as well as continuous feedback provided by border guard authorities.

Workshops allowed MOBILEPASS to consider device and operational requirements based on feedback from border guards, manufacturers and researchers. The requirements were incorporated into a system architecture/design for a mobile device for passport reading and fingerprint and facial verification.

MOBILEPASS extended the state of thart in: contactless multiple fingerprinting verification, fast and cooperative face capturing and verification, full-page e-Passport scanning as well as communication reliability, security and speed. Progress was also made in integrating hardware elements in the biometric check device.

A three-day demonstration was conducted in Sculeni, Romania at the border with Moldavia, where approximately 150 travellers have been checked with the novel devices. Feedback from both border guards and travellers was very positive.

An ongoing technical in-depth demonstration was put in place at the Spanish pre-production environment of the police in El Escorial, Spain. The focus here on was on connectivity to background systems and certificate exchanges, with the device being tested in various simulated situations.

All work was conducted with respect for legal, ethical and social factors. The developments comply with European societal values and regard for citizens’ rights and acceptance of technologies.

MOBILEPASS has delivered the means for realising faster, safer and friendlier checks of European, visa-holding and frequent third country travellers while maintaining high-security border control. Project research, development and technological advances promise positive socioeconomic impact and general benefits for Member States and EU citizens.

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