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NFC Mobile Payments Accelerate Lunch Service at NXP Cafeteria

Faster payment at the checkout counter, shorter queues -- before you know it, you're sitting down happily with your colleagues at lunch in the company cafeteria. Employees of NXP Semiconductors in Nijmegen, Netherlands are now experiencing the benefits of mobile payments in the company canteen, with two out of four payment terminals now designated fast lanes accepting Cashless Betalen.
2nd January 2013

Broadcom Launches Industry's First Certified NFC Quad-combo Wireless Connectivity Solution

Broadcom today introduced two new Near Field Communication solutions to be showcased at the upcoming 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company announced the industry's first quad-combo to integrate certified NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and FM onto a single chip. Broadcom also announced a single card solution combining its 5G WiFi combo chip with its industry-leading standalone NFC.
12th December 2012

The faster way to your own RFID application

Elatec RFID Systems is now offering a USB development platform for its Mifare NFC Mini Reader (13.56 MHz). The platform allows OEMs and system integrators to quickly and simply integrate the compact RFID reader/writer unit into a proprietary application.
5th December 2012

ams Interface Chip offers bi-directional NFC, while harvesting RF emissions energy

Implementing instant, high-speed Near Field Communication between two independent devices has been made easier and cheaper with the introduction of the AS3953 interface chip from ams. The AS3953 offers a high data-rate interface between a NFC device such as a smartphone and any host microcontroller with a standard Serial Peripheral Interface.
5th November 2012

Mass Market Adoption of NFC Tag Applications enabled by NXP

NXP have today announced the introduction of the NTAG21x family - the 2nd generation of the company’s NFC tag IC products - to further expand the deployment of NFC tags for OEMs, inlay customers and end users. As well as increasing RF performance, the new NTAG21x family comes with a choice of memory sizes, from 48 up to 888 bytes, and a number of new features such as an UID ASCII mirror, a NFC counter, an integrated originality signature and password protection.
31st October 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Devices given NFC by NXP

NXP have today revealed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system will integrate the software stack of NXP’s NFC controller, the PN544, enabling rich user experiences and convenient interactions for mobile users. By being pre-integrated and end-to-end validated by Microsoft, NXP’s NFC technology becomes the smart choice for handset manufacturers to deliver NFC enabled smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 quickly to market.
30th October 2012

INSIDE Secure launches its First Secure Element Ready to Transform NFC Mobile Commerce

INSIDE Secure today entered the secure element market with the introduction of the VaultSEcure IC, a secure element that is ready to transform NFC mobile commerce while setting new industry benchmarks. The VaultSEcure IC for the first time allows multiple trusted third parties to independently install and control their own applets in the same secure element, and introduces Secure Memory Swap technology, an INSIDE Secure exclusive that provides OEMs with the most cost-effective and secure method for achieving very large storage capacity for SE applets.
30th October 2012

Freescale and INSIDE Secure Demonstrate Secure Postpaid Smart Meter Design

Freescale Semiconductor and INSIDE Secure are demonstrating a new secure postpaid electricity meter with near field communication connectivity in booth D06 at the Metering Europe trade show in Amsterdam.
15th October 2012

First Major Mobile NFC Cashless Payment Solution in India

Identive Group and NXP today announced that they are providing innovative near field communication payment tags to Yeldi Softcom to support the launch of its ‘ara eTap’ cashless payment application in India. The NFC payment tags are affixed to the back of a mobile phone to enable cashless “tap and pay” transactions.
9th October 2012

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