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MIPS supports 12mm² low-power IoT & wearables chip

MIPS supports 12mm² low-power IoT & wearables chip
Samsung president Young Sohn was at the recent IoT World conference in San Francisco to introduce a family of low-power chips designed for next-gen IoT devices. One of the chips presented on stage, ARTIK 1, features a MIPS32-based, dual-core application processor, flash storage, a crypto engine and Bluetooth Smart radios for communication.
15th May 2015

Antennas are specified for M2M, wearables & IoT

Antennas are specified for M2M, wearables & IoT
Antenova has announced three families of antenna products which are suitable for M2M, wearable and IoT applications. Several antennas from each product family are to be released during 2015, with the first, a miniature ceramic antenna, becoming available in May. Each product family comprises embedded antennas of a particular style, and will be marketed under one of three brand names: lamiiANT, ceriiANT, and flexiiANT.
14th May 2015

Bluetooth Smart SoC doubles data rates for IoT devices

A Bluetooth Smart SoC that enables twice the data rates over a Bluetooth Smart link has been released by Broadcom. The BCM20706, which expands the company’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) family, extends the battery life of IoT devices. 
13th May 2015

IoT package provides actionable data for businesses

An IoT package that senses the status of people and things and their surrounding environments and analyses the data to quickly provide valuable, actionable data tailored to a customer's business has been introduced by Fujitsu. The UBIQUITOUSWARE package consists of core modules that, in combination with sensors, MCU and wireless communication function to analyse sensing data.
12th May 2015

Is it time to think about the Internet of Sensors?

When you cut through the hype around the IoT, it’s the Internet of Sensors (IoS) and resulting data that matters most, according to developers at The Technology Partnership (TTP). “The IoT is, to a large extent, a solution looking for a problem, rather than the other way round,” says Steve Taylor, Senior Consultant, TTP. “There’s simply no point in objects talking to each other just for the sake of it and the IoT only provides the communications backbone. An Internet of Sensors looks more like the roots of a tree, with sensors of all types at the extremities, capturing and feeding data upwards to the main trunk, the internet.”
8th May 2015

Security challenges facing the IoT

The proliferation of different devices, networks, platforms and applications to support the IoT, multiplies the vulnerabilities and greatly increases the potential for malicious attacks, according to Beecham Research. The Beecham Research, titled IoT Security Threat Map, highlights the key areas where external or internal attacks may originate and where the fast growing IoT industry needs to do more to provide better security controls. The IoT threat map was presented at this week’s Internet of Things Security Summit run by the NMI at Bletchley Park, to an audience of senior industry, government, research and end user delegates. 
8th May 2015

Secure ULP IoT platform offers battery reliability

Atmel and MXCHIP have announced the joint development of an ultra-low power IoT platform with secure Wi-Fi access to the cloud, enabling designers to quickly bring their IoT devices to market. This joint platform combines Atmel’s ultra-low power Atmel | SMART SAM G Cortex-M4-based MCUs and its SmartConnect WILC1000 WiFi solution with MXCHIP’s MiCO IoT OS, servicing a full range of smart device developers for IoT applications.
8th May 2015

IoT connectivity standard has low power consumption

The publication of version 1.0 of the latest Weightless-N open standard based on a low power wide area star network architecture has been annouced by The Weightless SIG. Operating in sub-GHz spectrum using ultra narrow band technology, Weightless-N offers best in class signal propagation characteristics leading to a range of several kilometres even in challenging urban environments.
7th May 2015

IoT promises smarter health

The development and deployment of wearable sensors and sensor hubs is expected to be vital in delivering a new level of health care for an ageing population, particularly in the face a rising lifestyle conditions. By Digi-Key.
6th May 2015

HDK & SDK improve IoT product development efficiency

HDK & SDK improve IoT product development efficiency
  Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched an HDK (Hardware Development Kit) and SDK that together form a development platform for the TZ1000 ApP Lite series. Suitable for wearable and IoT devices, the TZ1000 series application processors enable activity level monitoring as well as taking a pulse and checking heart rate.
29th April 2015

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