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NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets. Built on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has 45,000 employees in more than 35 countries

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EuMW 2018: 65V LDMOS transistor opens up RF power options

EuMW 2018: 65V LDMOS transistor opens up RF power options
RF power transistors designed for smart industrial applications, featuring ground-breaking 65V laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) silicon technology were unveiled by NXP Semiconductors at European Microwave Week in Madrid.
26th September 2018

User interface for your next generation IoT design

The way we interact with electronic devices has changed. The evolution of consumer devices, such as smartphones, has increased the expectations for user interface aesthetics, connectivity, and innovation for all electronic products.
27th April 2018

Voice control demonstration using MCU-based IoT solution

Brought to you by Amazon Web Services, Bluewind and NXP, this demo leverages the Amazon Echo Dot along with two LPC54018 MCU-based IoT modules running Amazon FreeRTOS, which will be controlled using Alexa Voice Services.
23rd April 2018

The new level of connection: IoT smart revolution

The smart world is one that you’re part of. At home, at work, travelling - you’re at the centre of a new ecosystem of personalised machines.
19th April 2018

Introducing the NXP Rapid IoT prototyping kit

Rapid IoT provides the easiest and fastest path for anyone to take their IoT idea to a proof-of-concept.
12th March 2018

Transistor delivers 750W CW for 915MHz applications

Transistor delivers 750W CW for 915MHz applications
Supplier of RF power transistors, NXP Semiconductors, has announced what it claims to be the industry’s highest power transistor for 915MHz applications. The MRF13750H transistor delivers 750W continuous wave (CW), 50% higher than comparable products currently available on the market. Based on 50V silicon LDMOS, this transistor extends the limits of solid-state RF generation, making the MRF13750H an alternative to vacuum tubes for very high power industrial systems.
23rd June 2017

12V smart amplifier delivers rich sound in portable devices

NXP Semiconductors has introduced the industry’s first 12V smart audio amplifier, TFA9892. This powerful, but tiny, audio amplifier makes it possible to enjoy higher sound quality in a variety of electronic devices such as smartphones, netbooks and sound bars by combining higher output power, higher efficiency and better drum restitution for deeper and richer bass.
5th June 2017

Power efficient RFID chip improves supply chain management

With the launch of its new global UCODE 8 RAIN RFID chip platform, NXP Semiconductors pushes the boundaries of RAIN RFID innovation. The platform enables omnichannel retailers to improve supply chain management and achieve higher sales, transform consumer shopping experiences and enable brand protection. The new UCODE 8 is a universal RAIN RFID chip designed to ensure high inventory accuracy on all retail product categories through what the company claims to be best-in-class read sensitivity.
12th May 2017

NFC anti-tamper solution keeps the tipple on the shelf

NFC anti-tamper solution keeps the tipple on the shelf
NXP Semiconductors and GCL Technologies have announced that after one year of intensive research and development, both companies are proud to present the industry’s first fully integrated and mass scalable Near Field Communication (NFC) tamper evident closure solution dedicated to the wine and spirits industry.
12th April 2017

Wireless transceiver platform strengthens industrial connectivity

NXP Semiconductors launched the OL2385 family of turnkey sub-GHz wireless transceivers, adding to its industry leading, low-power microcontroller and 2.4 GHz portfolio for IoT applications. This portfolio combines scalable computing, wireless connectivity, embedded security, sensors and software to provide integrated solutions for low-power, industrial IoT applications.
17th November 2016

Create your secure NFC wearable

The SSDP (Secure Services Development Platform) is a set of HW and SW tools, source code, use cases, documentation and support to facilitate the deployment of secure element based services based on the NXP innovative Loader Service functionality.
15th November 2016

Modular IoT gateway solution for smart cities and smart industries

Modular IoT gateway solution for smart cities and smart industries
NXP Semiconductors unveiled a Modular IoT Gateway Solution for large node networks (LNNs) with pre-integrated, tested and RF certified support for a wide array of wireless communications protocols including Thread, ZigBee and Wi-Fi. This range of capability allows developers to easily build out gateways based on this solution, using their choice of wireless protocols for end-to-end wireless communications in LNN configurations with supporting cloud options such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
9th November 2016

Wearable platform wins multiple prominent industry awards

Wearable platform wins multiple prominent industry awards
It has been announced by NXP Semiconductors that its Hexiwear IoT and Wearables Development Platform has received recognition on multiple fronts, winning the 2016 ECN IMPACT Award for rapid prototyping, as well as accolades from the ARM TechCon Innovation Challenge winning 'Best Internet of Things (IoT) Product', 'Best in Show' and 'Reader’s Choice' Awards.
7th November 2016

Smart kitchen appliance to be exhibited at IFA 2016

Smart kitchen appliance to be exhibited at IFA 2016
In collaboration with Midea, NXP Semiconductors has unveiled a smart kitchen appliance using semiconductor microwave heating technologies. Combined with NXP innovative RF cooking components and Midea’s heritage of creating a more comfortable lifestyle for people, the new appliance delivers a balance of quality, precision and performance.
5th September 2016

Contactless payment wearable for transportation in Rio de Janeiro

Contactless payment wearable for transportation in Rio de Janeiro
  In partnership with RioCard, Brazil’s smart card system for transportation in the state of Rio de Janeiro, NXP Semiconductors has announced the launch of a contactless wearable – adding a new form factor to RioCard’s NXP MIFARE contactless fare collection and payment solutions.
18th August 2016

The world's most advanced chicken coop

David Steele of Arcturus Networks, Inc. shares details of the Coop Deville and the Arcturus and NXP Semiconductors technologies that make it possible. The Coop Deville is powered by the Kinetis K64 (MCU) on an Arcturus IoT development platform and module running the NXP software for HomeKit accessories.
22nd July 2016

The development of America’s first smart city

The development of America’s first smart city
  Columbus to use NXP solutions, including real-time vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems and secure public transportation smart cards for a more intelligent urban transportation system.
24th June 2016

PLI, Smartrac & NXP join forces to ramp up security

PLI (Plasticard-Locktech International), the world's largest manufacturer of hotel keycards, has signed a large-scale and long-term supply agreement with Smartrac, featuring NXP MIFARE ICs. For Smartrac, the agreement means a breakthrough in the global hospitality, leisure and entertainment market, while PLI and its customers will benefit from a quantum leap in product capability, quality and security.
27th May 2016

LDMOS RF ICs power outdoor small cell base stations

NXP Semiconductors has introduced what it claims to be the industry’s largest portfolio of broadband 28V LDMOS two-stage, dual-path Doherty-optimised ICs for small cell base stations. The LDMOS ICs are designed to provide RF power, efficiency and gain in all current and proposed frequency bands, from 700 to 3,800MHz, with RF output power of 2.5 to 12W.
26th May 2016

GaN RF power transistors suit cellular base stations

NXP Semiconductors has announced an expansion to its portfolio of 48V GaN RF power transistors optimised for Doherty power amplifiers for use in current and next-gen cellular base stations. The four new transistors collectively cover cellular bands from 1,805 to 3,600MHz, meeting the needs of wireless carriers for superior performance at higher frequencies.
26th May 2016

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