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Report charts engineering trends and challenges

Report charts engineering trends and challenges
A report which examines the most crucial engineering trends and challenges of the changing technology landscape, including the Internet of Things (IoT), the progression of 5G technology from prototyping to commercial deployment and autonomous driving for the masses has been released by NI. 
5th November 2018

mmWave radio heads target 5G NR prototyping

Two series of millimeter wave (mmWave) radio heads for the mmWave Transceiver System have been released by NI. The radio heads, which cover spectrum from 24.5GHz to 33.4GHz and 37GHz to 43.5GHz, are targeted at wireless researchers prototyping 5G New Radio (NR) systems.
16th July 2018

NI, Spirent collaborate on 5G NR device test

NI and Spirent Communications have announced a collaboration to develop test systems for 5G New Radio (NR) devices. The collaboration will allow 5G chipset and device manufacturers to validate the performance of 5G NR smartphones and IoT devices in the lab without requiring access to expensive and complex 5G base stations (gNodeBs). 
16th July 2018

RF IPD kit supports IoT, 5G component design

3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) has released a glass-based RF integrated passive devices (IPDs) process design kit (PDK) specifically for NI AWR Design Environment customers.  Developed in collaboration with NI AWR software experts, the 3DGS IPD PDK enables the design of high-performance components for internet of things (IoT), LTE, 5G and satellite communications. 
13th June 2018

University's 5G mmWave test platform gets help from NI

University's 5G mmWave test platform gets help from NI
5G is having and will continue to have an impact on wireless communications. It has spurred the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick to upgrade its lab to include 5G mmWave technology.  This advance has been possible because of a WMG Centre HVM Catapult award and equipment collaboration from NI (National Instruments).
14th May 2018

Sub-6GHz 5G NR test solution is 3GPP-compliant

Sub-6GHz 5G NR test solution is 3GPP-compliant
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona National Instruments announced a sub-6GHz test reference solution compliant with the 3GPP Release 15 specification for 5G New Radio (NR). With commercial 5G NR deployments below 6GHz on the horizon engineers are actively developing sub-6GHz RF components and devices.
26th February 2018

NI, Shanghai University collaborate on 5G testbed

NI, Shanghai University collaborate on 5G testbed
NI is to collaborate with Shanghai University on a testbed focused on 5G ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) for V2X applications. Vehicular networks, especially for autonomous driving applications, must offer ultra-reliability while requiring very low latency.
1st February 2018

NI cooperates with industrial giants to build IIoT ecosystem

NI cooperates with industrial giants to build IIoT ecosystem
If there is an industry that can embody a country’s comprehensive national strength most typically and gradually reconstruct the new pattern of global competitiveness, it is intelligent manufacturing. The second Made in China 2025 (Shenzhen) Summit Forum themed by 'Smart Transformation of Global Manufacturing' was convened as scheduled on 8th and 9th April.
13th November 2017

It’s time to overdesign for flexibility

It’s time to overdesign for flexibility
Tired of the countless articles talking about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? Surely all of the pundits, industry leading companies, and technology providers excited to share their perspective on the growing impact of the IIoT have exhausted the topic. By Jeffrey Phillips, Section Manager - Software, NI
13th October 2017

ADAS test solution gets EuMW premiere

Several key product launches and a number of technical presentations will be featured by National Instruments at European Microwave Week in Nuremberg (October 8-12). The new products will target the autonomous radar & ADAS testing sectors. Key themes will include The Rise of 5G as 5G continues to capture headlines.
27th September 2017

Modules enable PCI Express Gen 3 remote control

Modules enable PCI Express Gen 3 remote control
A family of high-performance PXI remote control and bus extension modules with PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity has been released by NI. PCI Express Gen 3 technology delivers increased bandwidth that is critical for data intensive applications like 5G cellular research, RF record and playback, and high-channel-count data acquisition.
17th August 2017

Multiple antenna User Equipment support furthers 5G research

Multiple antenna User Equipment (UE) support for its LabVIEW Communications MIMO Application Framework has been announced by NI. It is claimed to be the world’s only commercially available physical layer reference design that powers true Massive MIMO prototyping that goes beyond just desktop simulations to fully functional 5G deployments.   
26th July 2017

Tracking WiFi signals to passively see through walls

Tracking WiFi signals to passively see through walls
With dedication and a creative approach, University College London (UCL) research is helping to address the world's most urgent problems. Whether designing healthier cities or grappling with issues such as global health and climate change, the challenges of daily life inspire UCL students and academics
30th June 2017

IoT teaching tools target professors and students

An Internet of Things (IoT) teaching approach with a suite of advanced tools has been developed by NI. Professors and students can take advantage of these teaching tools, which consist of the myRIO Student Embedded Device, LabVIEW toolkits, PTC’s ThingWorx software and projects created by Tufts University, to build real-world IoT applications in the classroom.
20th June 2017

Baseband vector signal transceiver "disrupts" RF/5G test

Baseband vector signal transceiver "disrupts" RF/5G test
A baseband model of the second-generation Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) has been unveiled by NI. The PXIe-5820 module is said to be the industry’s first baseband VST with 1GHz of complex I/Q bandwidth and is designed to address the most challenging RF front-end module and transceiver test applications, such as envelope tracking, digital pre-distortion and 5G test.
7th June 2017

Next generation LabVIEW accelerates measurement automation

Next generation LabVIEW accelerates measurement automation
LabVIEW NXG 1.0, the first release of the next generation of NI’s LabVIEW engineering system design software has been unveiled at NIWeek in Austin. NI says It bridges the gap between configuration-based software and custom programming languages with an innovative new approach to measurement automation that empowers domain experts to focus on what matters most – the problem, not the tool. 
23rd May 2017

RF/microwave design software features in Honolulu

NI AWR software will be featured in several technical sessions during the 2017 International Microwave Symposium (IMS2017) being held in Honolulu (June 4-8). These sessions enable attendees to directly use NI AWR software products and design a variety of RF/microwave circuits and systems. Advance registration is required for all technical hands-on sessions.
19th May 2017

Collaboration delivers rapid mmWave channel characterisation

Collaboration delivers rapid mmWave channel characterisation
A collaboration on one of the world’s fastest and most accurate tools for 5G Millimeter Wave (mmWave) channel characterisation has been announced by NI and AT&T. mmWave frequencies look to play a big role in the future of 5G. They have already been earmarked by the FCC, 3GPP and other standardization bodies for 5G mobile networks.
19th April 2017

28GHz 5G over the air prototype demoed in US

The world’s first public demonstration at 28GHz of a real-time, over-the-air prototype aligned with the Verizon 5G specification was given by NI at the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) in San Francisco. The system uses OFDM with eight component carriers in a 2x2 downlink MU-MIMO configuration with hybrid beamforming and a self-contained subframe, yielding a 5Gbit/s peak throughput, and is scalable to over 20 Gbit/s with eight MIMO streams. 
29th March 2017

Test solutions aid massive MIMO field trial

Test solutions aid massive MIMO field trial
National Instruments’ (NI) participation in the quest for highly efficient 5G wireless connectivity has been given a boost. A collaboration between a team of 5G engineers from the Universitiesof Bristol and Lund, NI and BT has undertaken field trials of a massive MIMO system at the BT Labs in Adastral Park, Suffolk. The trials were conducted in a large indoor hall mimicking a stadium environment and outdoors within the Adastral Park campus.
23rd March 2017

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