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What challenges will the July 5G roll-out face?

What challenges will the July 5G roll-out face?
It has been announced by Vodafone that it will be switching on its 5G network for both consumers and business customers in seven cities across the UK on 3rd July. Here, commenting on the news, Ken Karnofsky, Senior Strategist for Signal Processing Applications at MathWorks, believes this marks a significant point in the rollout of 5G throughout the UK.
15th May 2019

What does 2019 hold for 5G?

What does 2019 hold for 5G?
The new 5G standards have arrived and the corresponding networks are predicted to roll-out across the UK in late 2019. However, what can we expect in the lead-up to ubiquitous 5G? Ken Karnofsky, Senior Strategist for Signal Processing Applications at MathWorks, plays future gazer and gives us his market predictions for 2019.
1st November 2018

Correcting non-linear power amplifier behaviour is much easier when designing with simulations

With pressure from modern broadband wireless standards such as LTE to minimise out-of-band emissions and to maintain power efficiency, it is more important than ever to ensure effective linear amplification from power amplifiers (PAs). Digital pre-distortion (DPD) is a fundamental building block used in wireless communication systems today for better efficiency. By reducing the distortion created by running power amplifiers in their non-linear regions, PAs can be made to be far more efficient.
3rd October 2012

Coexistence Tips the Market for Wireless System Simulation

From time to time, marshalling events occur in stable markets placing difficult new requirements on established system designs. Subsequently, innovative new design tools and processes emerge to address shortcomings in the legacy design flows for the established systems. In the case of wireless systems, the emergence of coexistence represents one of these marshalling events. In particular, the connectivity boom in consumer electronics and the importance of electronic warfare in military environments is requiring radios to perform in spectrally rich environments. As a consequence, system simulation is emerging as a necessary complement to static analysis for designing wireless systems.
10th October 2011

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