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Radio access networks growth will boost test demand

Radio access networks growth will boost test demand
Analysis of the Radio Access Networks (RAN) Capacity Planning and Management Market is the new study from Frost & Sullivan’s Test & Measurement Growth Partnership Service programme. The rapid proliferation of long-term evolution (LTE) deployments around the world is intensifying network operators’ need to manage their infrastructure better.
18th October 2016

SON, LTE & HetNets proliferation to drive growth

Network operators are likely to face new challenges in achieving optimal network utilisation as LTE and HetNets (Heterogeneous Networks) will continue to grow. The multivendor nature of HetNets could give rise to interoperability issues between cellular sites, thereby negatively affecting the quality of service experienced by the end user. The higher degree of automation apparent within Self-Organising Networks (SONs) will help enhance network utilisation significantly. This implementation of SONs by network operators, in turn, will translate to greater uptake of SON-specific testing and monitoring solutions.
16th December 2015

M2M & IoT drive the network testing & monitoring equipment market

The widespread adoption of M2M communications, the shift from reactive to predictive analytics for the IoT and continuing virtualisation of network functions are compelling service providers to seek advanced testing solutions for big data and cloud analytics. Testing methodologies that can check the conformance of higher level infrastructure will prove critical in a digital environment that is characterised by LTE, HetNets and cloud computing.
22nd October 2015

The RTLS market earned revenues of $742.8m in 2014

In an intensely competitive business environment, the need to track and locate assets, personnel and items for operational efficiency and security is driving the global RTLS market. Sophisticated RTLS that provides real-time data to facilitate decision making will gain traction in organisations around the world. Moreover, the convergence of RTLS with sensor technologies will enable remote condition monitoring of assets and personnel, spurring adoption.
24th September 2015

Wearables to make ubiquitous connectivity a reality

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Growth Opportunities in the Global Wearable Devices Market, finds that wearable devices will play a large role in the healthcare industry delivering improved healthcare services through real-time, remote patient monitoring and post-surgery rehabilitation. Smart watches and fitness bands are the most popular wearable devices.
14th August 2015

Connected living boom demands for IoT testing & monitoring equipment

As the trend towards connected living and the IoT continues to permeate home, work and city solutions, the need to keep tabs on a myriad of connected devices will thrust the global IoT testing and monitoring equipment market into the spotlight. The incorporation of M2M communication, central to IoT deployment, as well as modules that require less power and bandwidth will bring with it several challenges that turn into a boon for testing and monitoring vendors.
26th June 2015

RFID in healthcare expands to smart cabinet systems

Analysis from Frost & Sullivan, titled Market Opportunity for RFID Smart Cabinet Systems in Healthcare, finds that the uptake of RFID smart cabinets is likely to gather momentum over the next three to five years. The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are leading markets.
11th June 2015

RFID market to reach $5409.0m by 2020

According to a recent study from Frost & Sullivan, titled Analysis of the Global RFID Market in Retail, the RFID market will grow from $737.8m in 2014 to $5409.0m in 2020. The study covers middleware, hardware and tags. The proliferation of omni-channel retailing is increasing the demand for RFID technology. 
8th June 2015

Environmental policies drive European smart grid market

Environmental regulations, high carbon emissions and the need for energy quality and efficiency are expected to boost the demand for smart grids in Europe. Frost & Sullivan analysis, 'Revisiting the European Smart Grid Demand Response (DR) Market', finds that investment activity will grow in the market with the need to replace ageing electric utility infrastructure, which is estimated to be between 70 and 80 years old in most of Europe.
5th June 2015

Sensors enable wearable electronics

The wearable devices space is viewed as the next goldmine of opportunity for sensor manufacturers as profits shrink in the smartphone and tablet segments. Frost & Sullivan's 'Wearable Electronics Enabled by Sensors' analysis finds that the sensors market earned revenues of $108m in 2014 and estimates this to catapult to $800m in 2020.
26th February 2015

Mobile payments go back to NFC

During Mobile World Congress in February 2014, Visa and Mastercard announced that both firms will support the Host Card Emulation (HCE) initiative to help accelerate the uptake of NFC services. With PayPal's wallet entering the physical payment world and Apple’s iPhone 6 supporting NFC features via the Apple Pay wallet, the HCE initiative caused strong disruption among payment industry players by answering what the mobile payment industry was expecting since a long time.
25th November 2014

Supporting infrastructures boost European BAS market

According to a recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, manufacturers of building automation systems (BAS) across Europe are taking their solutions to the next level by using supporting infrastructures such as wireless control devices, cloud services, building analytics software, smart grids and vertical farming systems.
15th April 2014

Smart pumps market to reach $267.9m revenue by 2018

Analysis from Frost & Sullivan entitled 'European Smart Pumps Market for the Water and Wastewater Industry', finds that the market earned revenues of $192.4 million in 2013 and estimates this to reach $267.9 million in 2018. The research covers positive displacement and centrifugal smart pumps.
7th March 2014

Smart manufacturing to increase M2M demand

Frost & Sullivan have released the "M2M Communication in Manufacturing" analysis, which reveals that telecommunication companies will be an important stakeholder in the provision of M2M solutions and the growth of the Internet of Things in the manufacturing sector in Europe.
18th February 2014

Frost & Sullivan: Popularity of Item-level Tagging Fuels Global Passive Radio Frequency Identification Market

The benefits of radio frequency identification, which include better inventory management, improved operational efficiency, reduced labour, enhanced supply chain visibility, information accuracy, higher sales and better customer service, have spurred the technology’s adoption in various applications across verticals.
12th June 2013

802.11ac Standards And MIMO Technology To Drive Global RF Test Equipment Market

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Global RF Testing Market: Increasing Complexity of Products Translate into Growth Opportunities for Test Vendors, finds that the market earned revenues of $3.02 billion in 2011 and estimates this to reach $4.20 billion in 2016. The research covers traditional general purpose instrumentation, modular GP instrumentation, semiconductor automatic test equipment, and rental GP segments.
25th April 2013

Robust Demand For Connected Devices Boosts Electronics Supply Chain

A substantial number of customers subscribe to broadband and wireless local area network services that enable them to conduct various activities from home. This connected home represents a paradigm shift in the way communication services are delivered and consumed. As the connected device market grows more sensitive to these networking needs, it needs to depend on a strong network and supply chain to distribute content and services, thereby lending momentum to electronics supply chain participants.
22nd February 2013

Integrating NFC With Cloud-based Solutions Challenges Payment Security

The mobile payments market is taking a new step towards simpler and cost-effective solutions. Recently introduced payment options using mobile phones integrate near-field communication technology with a cloud-based system. With this approach, cardholders’ account details will no longer be stored on a secure element within a mobile phone, but will instead be maintained in the cloud. Frost & Sullivan believes that successful combinations of NFC and cloud will require solutions to help mitigate the security risks involved in data transmission.
13th February 2013

Frost & Sullivan Analysis of the European RFID Retail Market

The European radio frequency identification market in the retail industry offers considerable growth potential. The promise of enhanced benefits for businesses and the growing importance of item-level tagging will add impetus to market development. However, issues pertaining to data privacy and the lack of understanding about return on investments threaten to slow down the pace of market expansion.
28th November 2012

Industrial Wireless Devices will Support Building Plants of the Future

Since its initial introduction on the plant floor, wireless technology has evolved and so has the perception of industrial wireless among end users. Wireless devices are no longer seen solely in terms of wire replacement but, more importantly, as a critical part of plant optimisation processes.
16th October 2012

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