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IIoT technologies creates opportunities in industrial cybersecurity

IIoT technologies creates opportunities in industrial cybersecurity
High penetration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology in critical infrastructure and the manufacturing sector has resulted in a growing number of potential cyber-attack surfaces. According to a recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, cyber-attacks within the energy and utilities industries alone cost an average of $13.2m per year.
28th November 2018

Growth in electronic test and measurement industry spurred on

Growth in electronic test and measurement industry spurred on
  Autonomous driving, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), data centres, power applications, and new high-speed digital standards are the growth engines of the electronic test and measurement (T&M) equipment market for the next five years. 
2nd October 2018

Dual-use commercial tech creates significant growth opportunities

Dual-use commercial tech creates significant growth opportunities
Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, US DoD Cybersecurity Market, Forecast to 2023, reveals that intense attacks from adversaries and non-state actors are compelling Department of Defense (DoD) cybersecurity spend for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based cybersecurity tools and systems and the development of quantum computing and artificial intelligence technologies. Defense cybersecurity industry consolidation is expected to increase with firms emphasising the acquisition of dual-use commercial technologies.
13th September 2018

MRO distributors best positioned to tap IIoT growth opportunities

MRO distributors best positioned to tap IIoT growth opportunities
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) assisted machinery are proving highly valuable tools for plant owners keen to reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) in a volatile economic environment. Changing competitive landscapes and customer preferences, the emergence of advanced digital technologies, and the threat of price wars are compelling manufacturers to enhance their asset lifecycle to remain viable. 
18th July 2018

Oil and gas industry embrace digitisation with smart pumps

Oil and gas industry embrace digitisation with smart pumps
The recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan; ‘Global Pumps Market in the Oil and Gas Industry, Forecast to 2024’ finds that there has been a concentrated focus on operational expenditure (OPEX) in the oil and gas industry following the oil price plunge in 2016. Upstream companies are increasingly acknowledging digitisation as an important enabler of cost savings and profitability, and are therefore gravitating toward tools such as smart pumps.
25th June 2018

Demand for industrial automation and IIoT fuels

Demand for industrial automation and IIoT fuels
The latest analysis of the pneumatic valves and actuators market from Frost & Sullivan found that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adoption is expected to increase significantly due to rising energy costs and end-user demand for lower product costs, improved operational efficiency, and increased machine up-time.
13th March 2018

Adoption of IIoT-based smart bearings spurs market

Adoption of IIoT-based smart bearings spurs market
There is a clear and steady growth that is visible in the European bearings market. Factors stimulating growth include the adoption of sophisticated bearings with improved performance and demand for bearings with longer service life, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance requirements.
5th March 2018

What's in store for sensors?

What's in store for sensors?
A new era of connectivity in the digital age is being brought by the Internet of Things, as it connects critical business sectors through a network of secure data flow, analytics, and management. It’s also bringing numerous opportunities for sensor participants through security technologies required for remote services and enhanced accessibility of devices.
18th January 2018

Growth of home automation market fuelled by connectivity

Growth of home automation market fuelled by connectivity
Unambiguous business models, frequent innovations on IoT, cloud services, Big Data platforms, rise of connected devices, and dependency on technology are some of the drivers propelling double-digit growth in the European home automation market. Products and services associated with home automation and smart and connected homes have changed the consumer’s perception of technological innovation.
23rd October 2017

Report finds digital solutions crucial to IIoT growth

Report finds digital solutions crucial to IIoT growth
Due to the need for capital efficiency, asset efficiency and resource efficiency, tectonic shifts are underway across process and discrete industries. These trends are nurturing the growth of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0. The convergence of algorithms, cloud, data, devices and networks drive a creative destruction and expansion of traditional business models. Further, the directional shift from CAPEX ◇ OPEX cycles will see the market focus more on brownfield assets/modernisation-driven projects in short-term.
22nd May 2017

3D integrated circuits enhance signal speed

As 2D integrated circuit (IC) technology nears its scaling limit, there is a need to scale up vertically to cope with the breakneck pace of advances in digital technologies. However, the progress made by the digital components has not been matched by the advances in microelectronic components, which has resulted in hindrances such as memory wall. In this scenario, 3D IC technology’s ability to help create high-performing, low-power-consuming microchips is proving invaluable.
2nd March 2017

ICT integration and application of big data enhance efficiency

The home security sector is shifting to a cyber-centric model, with pronounced emphasis on developing less-complicated, self-powered, connected devices. This shift has spawned the need to secure the entire lifecycle of the product. The changing definition of a “breach” is further compelling solution providers to secure their smart home security solutions from end to end.
6th December 2016

Cybersecurity emerges as intrinsic element of Industry 4.0

In the coming two to three years, cyber security spending in the manufacturing industry is expected to increase by a minimum of 10%. A well-formulated security framework will become a norm for companies interested in adopting Industry 4.0 or any advanced manufacturing approach. Factories of the future are poised to have a link established with the outside world and the security in such a scenario will become an inevitable necessity for end-users across industries.
17th November 2016

Businesses enhance platforms thanks to mobile e-commerce boom

Businesses enhance platforms thanks to mobile e-commerce boom
The number of online communication channels and the volume of customer data is multiplying, thanks to the explosion go mobile e-commerce, prompting software developers to design platforms that can collect and analyse data from all channels. The technologies that will best empower businesses to improve their mobile e-commerce communications and transactions include Big Data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), omni-channel communications and ad predictive analytics.
25th October 2016

Radio access networks growth will boost test demand

Radio access networks growth will boost test demand
Analysis of the Radio Access Networks (RAN) Capacity Planning and Management Market is the new study from Frost & Sullivan’s Test & Measurement Growth Partnership Service programme. The rapid proliferation of long-term evolution (LTE) deployments around the world is intensifying network operators’ need to manage their infrastructure better.
18th October 2016

SON, LTE & HetNets proliferation to drive growth

Network operators are likely to face new challenges in achieving optimal network utilisation as LTE and HetNets (Heterogeneous Networks) will continue to grow. The multivendor nature of HetNets could give rise to interoperability issues between cellular sites, thereby negatively affecting the quality of service experienced by the end user. The higher degree of automation apparent within Self-Organising Networks (SONs) will help enhance network utilisation significantly. This implementation of SONs by network operators, in turn, will translate to greater uptake of SON-specific testing and monitoring solutions.
16th December 2015

M2M & IoT drive the network testing & monitoring equipment market

The widespread adoption of M2M communications, the shift from reactive to predictive analytics for the IoT and continuing virtualisation of network functions are compelling service providers to seek advanced testing solutions for big data and cloud analytics. Testing methodologies that can check the conformance of higher level infrastructure will prove critical in a digital environment that is characterised by LTE, HetNets and cloud computing.
22nd October 2015

The RTLS market earned revenues of $742.8m in 2014

In an intensely competitive business environment, the need to track and locate assets, personnel and items for operational efficiency and security is driving the global RTLS market. Sophisticated RTLS that provides real-time data to facilitate decision making will gain traction in organisations around the world. Moreover, the convergence of RTLS with sensor technologies will enable remote condition monitoring of assets and personnel, spurring adoption.
24th September 2015

Wearables to make ubiquitous connectivity a reality

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Growth Opportunities in the Global Wearable Devices Market, finds that wearable devices will play a large role in the healthcare industry delivering improved healthcare services through real-time, remote patient monitoring and post-surgery rehabilitation. Smart watches and fitness bands are the most popular wearable devices.
14th August 2015

Connected living boom demands for IoT testing & monitoring equipment

As the trend towards connected living and the IoT continues to permeate home, work and city solutions, the need to keep tabs on a myriad of connected devices will thrust the global IoT testing and monitoring equipment market into the spotlight. The incorporation of M2M communication, central to IoT deployment, as well as modules that require less power and bandwidth will bring with it several challenges that turn into a boon for testing and monitoring vendors.
26th June 2015

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