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Smart home security system

Smart home security system
  The technology company, Cocoon, is transforming the home security market by designing beautiful products that help people feel safe. It won silver at the 2014 London Design awards and recently secured a £2m investment from Aviva Ventures and Breed Reply Investments.
28th June 2016

Coming to a meter near you - Wireless metering is on the increase and is expected to enable a range of new and exciting application areas

The use of communications in metering applications is growing at an incredible rate, as strong collaboration within the industry from both wired and wireless technology providers is putting the ‘smart’ in to smart metering. There is now clear and mutual support between technology specialists such as the HomePlugPowerline Alliance, the ZigBee Alliance and the WiFi Alliance, as well as application experts including the IPSO Alliance targeting the ‘internet of things’, and the SunSpec Alliance whose goal is to standardise the data and communications interoperability of renewable energy technology.
24th October 2011

ByteSnap Design Release ZigBee ZMM-001 Module - Low Power ZigBee Smart Energy Module Targets Metering and Control

The industry’s first ever ZigBee® Certified Smart Energy compliant module to combine three key features: lower power, faster deployment and trouble-free compliance with wireless standards. (Patent Pending)
20th June 2011

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