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'World’s lowest power' BLE module for space-constrained applications

Atmel Corporation has announced the 'world’s lowest power' Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity modules for small form factor applications. The ultra-low power Atmel SmartConnect XR and ZR modules consume less than 4mA in RX and less than 3mA in TX with 3.6V, and below 1.2µA in sleep mode, increasing battery life by up to three times longer than other solutions on the market today.
31st March 2016

Connected platform for IoT and wearable applications

Connected platform for IoT and wearable applications
An ultra-low power connected platform for cost optimised applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable markets has been released by Atmel Corporation. The new platform features the ARM Cortex-M0+, the Atmel | SMART SAM L21, and the BTLC1000 Bluetooth SMART solution, making it well suited for battery operated applications requiring activity and environment monitoring.
7th January 2016

Debugging tool targets low power applications

A high accuracy debugging tool has been introduced by Atmel Corporation that enables customers to visualise the power usage of their product during the development cycle.
15th December 2015

WiFi connectivity to IoT platform enables secure cloud access

Atmel has announced it is collaborating with WeChat on its IoT Platform with the Atmel | SMART SAM W25 module integrating a secure ATECC508 CryptoAuthentication, for cloud access targeting next-gen IoT applications. WeChat IoT Platform delivers cloud services for seamless accessibility to the Internet (cloud) ensuring every ‘thing’ is smartly connected and supports the recently launched Airkiss 2.0 protocol for WiFi provisioning and service discovery.
17th November 2015

Platform enables developers to bring their designs quickly to market

Atmel Corporation has announced its first SoC hardware evaluation solution based on the ARM mbed IoT Platform. Powered by the Atmel | SMART SAMR21 SoC, the new solution runs on the mbed IoT Device Platform, a platform that provides the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem that makes the deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT solutions possible at any scale. The Atmel | SMART SAMR21 a suitable solution for the rapidly growing IoT market.
16th November 2015

Security platform enables secure IoT applications

Atmel has announced a comprehensive security platform that enables businesses of all sizes to assign certified and trusted identities to devices joining the secure IoT. The Atmel Certified-ID security platform prevents unauthorised reconfiguration of an edge node to access protected resources on the network. This platform is available on the Atmel SmartConnect WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee solutions that connect directly to Atmel Cloud Partners, providing a secure turnkey solution for IoT edge node-to-cloud connection.
10th November 2015

TomTom watch features robust capacitive touch buttons

TomTom watch features robust capacitive touch buttons
Atmel Corporation has announced that the TomTom Spark GPS fitness watch includes the Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex M7-based MCU and the tinyAVR44A MCU. TomTom Spark also uses Atmel’s QTouch library software to control the touch interface in the 8-bit tinyAVR MCU. The combination of these ultra-low-power MCUs extends the battery life of the TomTom Spark to up to 10 hours in GPS mode.
6th November 2015

Display drivers for e-paper interfaces for IoT applications

Atmel Corporation has announced additional ease-of-use capabilities for the ultra-low power Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCUs for household appliances, industrial and human interface device applications. Atmel continues to deliver rich features to its growing portfolio and is collaborating with HiTex and Pervasive Displays to release software libraries including the IEC 60730 Class B safety standard and e-Paper drivers, respectively, to support Atmel | SMART MCUs.
5th November 2015

The industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Smart solution

Atmel has announced that it’s shipping the industry’s lowest power, smallest footprint Bluetooth Smart solution in production quantities. Consuming less than 4mA in RX and less than 3mA TX at 3.6V, the device increases battery life by as much as one year or more for certain applications.
24th September 2015

BitCloud ZigBee PRO kit achieves Golden Unit status

Atmel has announced the company’s BitCloud ZigBee PRO Software Development Kit (SDK) has achieved the prestigious Golden Unit status for the ZigBee PRO r21 standard. As an approved Golden Unit, the Atmel BitCloud solution will be used by ZigBee testhouses to verify standard compliancy for all future ZigBee 3.0 products. This guarantees superior interoperability for Atmel customers designing the latest connected lighting, security and comfort control products for smart home applications.
27th August 2015

Atmel & Intel to enable more secure IoT applications

Atmel is collaborating with Intel to bring more secure IoT applications to market. Atmel will support Intel Enhanced Privacy ID (Intel EPID) technology on all Atmel SmartConnect wireless solutions to improve secure cloud provisioning - the mutual authentication of the IoT node with the cloud - in the rapidly growing IoT market where more devices are becoming smartly connected.
19th August 2015

Programme accelerates IoT development

Atmel has launched the Atmel IoT Cloud Ecosystem Partner Program. The programme enables developers using Atmel | SMART MCUs and Atmel SmartConnect wireless solutions to access Atmel’s ecosystem cloud partners for device management, data analytics, and visualisation in order to experience an end-to-end IoT solution development ‘out of the box’.
14th July 2015

Demonstrator offers turnkey solution for the wearable market

A wearable demonstration device, which combines low-power embedded processing, wireless, touch and sensor technologies, has been introduced by Atmel. Measuring 7x9cm, the Smart Badge brings together hardware and software technologies from Atmel and partners into an out-of-the-box solution that addresses the requirements of the wearable market.
3rd June 2015

Secure ULP IoT platform offers battery reliability

Atmel and MXCHIP have announced the joint development of an ultra-low power IoT platform with secure Wi-Fi access to the cloud, enabling designers to quickly bring their IoT devices to market. This joint platform combines Atmel’s ultra-low power Atmel | SMART SAM G Cortex-M4-based MCUs and its SmartConnect WILC1000 WiFi solution with MXCHIP’s MiCO IoT OS, servicing a full range of smart device developers for IoT applications.
8th May 2015

Atmel achieve first PRIME v1.4 certification

Atmel is the first to receive the PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) v1.4 Profile 2 certification for the Atmel | SMART SAM4CP16B and ATPL230A smart metering solutions. The certification ensures that customers are able to develop high performance solutions, incorporating new features of the PRIME v1.4 standard.
15th April 2015

Prototyping board targets IoT & wearable applications

Prototyping board targets IoT & wearable applications
Atmel has announced an extension board for the company’s popular Xplained platform featuring a Bosch Sensortec BNO055 intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor. The ATBNO055-XPRO extension board connects directly to Atmel’s Xplained board, making it suitable for IoT, wearables and gaming prototyping, personal health and fitness, indoor navigation and other applications requiring context awareness and augmented reality.
25th February 2015

Wireless combo SoC targets IoT & wearable applications

A wireless combo SoC, designed for the growing IoT and wearable markets, has been released by Atmel. The WILC3000 wireless link controller, which expands the company’s SmartConnect wireless portfolio, combines WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth Smart-ready technologies with Atmel’s patented adaptive co-existence engine in a 4.1x4.1mm WLCSP. 
12th January 2015

WiFi module delivers a secure plug & play IoT solution

A fully integrated FCC-certified WiFi module with a standalone MCU and hardware security from a single source, which is claimed to be an industry first, has been released by Atmel. Alongside the company’s SMART SAM D21 ARM Cortex M0+-based MCU and ATECC108A optimised CryptoAuthentication engine, the SmartConnect SAM W25 module features Atmel’s recently announced 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi WINC1500.
17th November 2014

SIGFOX-ready SoC enables long-range IoT connectivity

Having achieved the SIGFOX-ready certification, Atmel’s ATA8520 device is claimed to be the industry's first SIGFOX ReadyTM certified SoC. Low cost, long-range and low-power wireless connectivity for a wide array of IoT applications is enabled by the combination of Atmel’s SIGFOX-certified IC with SIGFOX’s proprietary network.
13th November 2014

Co-operation to produce animal ID LF transponders

Atmel and SMARTRAC have jointly announced their co-operation to market LF transponders and inlays for animal identification globally. The Atmel ATA5575M2 RFID IC supports ISO11784 and ISO11785 standards, using the FDX-A and FDX-B formats for animal identification. It is the only RFID solution available that supports FDX-A, the animal identification standard using full duplex 125KHz technology with FSK modulation.
11th November 2014

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