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Atmel @ ESC Silicon Valley 2011 - Wireless for RF4CE and ZigBee PRO

Atmel offers a complete line of IEEE 802.15.4-compliant and ZigBee-certified wireless RF transceivers, AVR and ARM microcontrollers, single chip wireless microcontrollers, bundles, and full-featured Zigbit modules.

Arduino Contest -- Wireless Xmas Suit

Using the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino toolkit and XBee wireless modules, Andy made a suit out of Christmas lights which synchronizes with Christmas music playing in a laptop. Using the XBee modules as a wireless link, he also synchronized a music staff and a friend's light suit.
11th May 2011

iDigi Manager Pro Overview

iDigi Manager Pro delivers capabilities that empower IT, network operations and customer support organizations to conquer the challenges of managing the vast array of equipment in their device networks.
18th April 2011

Freescale Rugged RF - Another Geek Moment

Jamie Pederson heads out to Freescale's RF lab in Tempe, Arizona to demonstrate just how rugged their LDMOS parts are. The demos include high mismatch causing extreme arcing and ionized air creating music.
14th April 2011

SmartSponge System

RFID-based SmartSponge System helps prevent retained foreign objects in surgical patients
13th April 2011

RFID Munich Central library

RFID Munich Central library
12th April 2011

QAM + RF Demo

QAM + RF Demonstration video by CML Microcircuits featuring the CMX7163 Wireless Data QAM Modem Integrated Circuit.
5th April 2011

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