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Build next generation Pinewood Derby car

The React Car Kit bundles a Pinewood Derby car with your Thunderboard React board. The Thunderboard React can be mounted on the derby car, and with the free mobile app you can measure the speed and movements of the car. The iOS / Android mobile app seamlessly communicates between the Thunderboard and the cloud database to visualise sensor data collected or control the LED states on the Thunderboard React hardware.

The world's most advanced chicken coop

David Steele of Arcturus Networks, Inc. shares details of the Coop Deville and the Arcturus and NXP Semiconductors technologies that make it possible. The Coop Deville is powered by the Kinetis K64 (MCU) on an Arcturus IoT development platform and module running the NXP software for HomeKit accessories.
22nd July 2016

Unfold the #InnovaTIonCODE featuring the SensorTag/NFC monitoring system

The RF430FRL15xH-NFC sensor tag w/ programmable 16-bit MSP430 enables contactless and secure data transmission.
13th June 2016

How to get started with CC1310 Packet RX/TX example

Code Composer Studio makes it easy to utilise the TI-RTOS drivers for the SimpleLink CC1310 device.
13th June 2016

Why Sub-1GHz?

In today's connected world, there are a multitude of options to choose from when looking for wireless connectivity.
6th June 2016

SimpleLink remote control

TI's complete remote control system offering makes the company a natural choice when you want to design a remote control based on ZigBee RF4CE, BLE or a proprietary solution.
6th June 2016

Rethink range with the WiLink 8 mesh networking solution

The WiLink 8 mesh solution is based on the 802.11s WiFi mesh topology enabling coverage extension without the need for additional equipment or wiring - a superior solution for audio, industrial and building automation.
6th June 2016

TI LaunchPad-based Internet of Basketball (IoB)

TI engineers Adrian Fernandez and Daniel Ogilvie will talk about their latest project using a Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad kit - the Internet of Basketball.
25th April 2016

Wireless pH sensor transmitter reference design

The TIDA-00561 is an industrial-grade wireless pH transmitter with ±0.01pH accuracy over temperature and a 2.4GHz radio link which provides the additional benefit of isolating the transmitter from ground loops.
16th March 2016

Near field communication sensor applications

This TI Tutorial Snapshot highlights a demo of the RF430 NFC temperature sensor transponder.
8th February 2016

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