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China shows that it's 5G ready

China shows that it's 5G ready
The first successful 5G 3.5GHz multi-vendor end-to-end Interoperability Developmental Test (IoDT) in China has been completed at a 5G field test Beijing following a partnership between Ericsson and Intel. The field test is a significant milestone since China’s three major operators have already announced plans to roll-out 5G in the 3.5GHz band.
10th October 2017

Bridging the gap from 4G to 5G

Bridging the gap from 4G to 5G
Global provider of communications technology, Ericsson, has introduced a new radio product, AIR 3246, for Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Massive MIMO), which is a complement to Ericsson’s global 5G radio offering. AIR 3246 supports both 4G/LTE and 5G NR (New Radio) technologies and is Ericsson’s first 5G NR radio for frequency division duplex (FDD). This launch will enable operators – especially in metropolitan areas – to bring 5G to subscribers using today’s mid-band spectrum and boost capacity in their LTE networks.
5th September 2017

Ericsson and Intel launch 5G innovators

Ericsson and Intel are launching the 5G Innovators Initiative (5GI2), an open industry initiative designed to create transformative experiences that change lives, businesses and society. The 5GI2 will join major equipment manufacturers, leading technology companies, industry leaders and top universities to explore, test and innovate with 5G network and distributed edge technologies to accelerate the adoption of 5G wireless and infrastructure innovation in the United States.
23rd February 2017

Connected bus stop incorporates 3G small cell technology

Connected bus stop incorporates 3G small cell technology
At UITP World Congress and Exhibition, the world's biggest public transport event, Ericsson demonstrated a connected bus stop concept that incorporates 3G, LTE or WiFi small cell technology. The connected bus stop's small cell infrastructure will provide public transport operators with an additional source of revenue, as it can be leased to telecomms mobile operators as a means of densifying their networks.
6th July 2015

DC/DC converter offers 10-33V output for RFPA applications

DC/DC converter offers 10-33V output for RFPA applications
Designed to power radio-frequency power amplifier (RFPA) applications, Ericsson Power Modules has introduced the PKU4116C DC/DC converter. Offering an ultra-wide adjustable output voltage of 10-33V (meeting the specifications as defined by the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG)), the converter delivers power up to 100W and an output current of 3.3A.
24th February 2014

Ericsson launches stadium-optimized Wi-Fi solution

Attending a sports match, concert or other event in a full stadium is a great experience that many people instantly want to share with friends and family, by - for example - uploading videos and photos to social networking sites. But interacting via Facebook, Twitter or SMS during such events can sometimes be tricky - due to the sudden increase in network traffic.
18th October 2012

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