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AWR develops design software that quicken the pace of microwave/RF product development from smartphones to satellite communication systems. When AWR software is part of the design process, engineers deliver cutting-edge products faster and at a lower cost. Visit AWR website to explore Analyst™ - 3D EM technology for bumps, bond wires, tapered vias and more – and the latest release of Microwave Office™, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM® and Analog Office® for MMIC, RFIC, RF PCBs and Modules. AWR is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Instruments.

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Agenda set for EuMW design forum

The agenda has been set and registration opened for the sixth annual combined AWR Design Forum (ADF 2016) and NI AWR Software User Group meeting, being held during European Microwave Week (EuMW 2016) October 4 - 6 in London. ADF 2016 takes place on October 4 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in ICC Capital Suite, Room 6 on Level 3. 
19th September 2016

Design & simulation of a 2.4/5.6GHz WLAN antenna on PCB technology

This application note describes the design and simulation of a simple PCB antenna for 2.4 and 5.6GHz using Nl AWR Design Environment, inclusive of Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM 3D EM planar simulator.
10th April 2015

Design & simulation of an ISM band antenna on PCB technology

ISM radio bands have traditionally been reserved internationally for the use of RF for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) purposes. In recent years, the fastest-growing uses of these bands have been for short-range, low-power, communications systems. Cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, NFC devices and wireless computer networks all now use ISM.
10th April 2015

Software integration unites full-wave EM field simulation standard

AWR and ANYS have announced the successful integration of ANSYS HFSS into AWR's Microwave Office high frequency circuit design software. This integration unites the industry standard for full-wave EM field simulation and NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office to quickly and accurately simulate microwave circuits.
3rd June 2014

AWR software used to design UWB receiver

Italian electronics developer, Cover Sistemi used AWR software to design an ultra-wideband (UWB) receiver from concept to final production in a single pass. Specifications were for a complete design starting from the antenna through to the entire RF/baseband analog chain down to the AD converter.
22nd April 2014

eBook excerpt discusses how to 'conquer radio frequency'

AWR Corporation has announced the availability of a free excerpt of the new eBook from Professor Francesco Fornetti, Conquer Radio Frequency – A Multimedia Conceptual Guide to RF and Microwave Engineering. 
14th March 2014

Quick and accurate design of RF base station filters

Quick and accurate design of RF base station filters
Prism Microwave uses AWR's Microwave Office circuit design software for its cavity filter tuning and optimization, as well as the design of active RF electronics and planar components on printed circuit boards, including low noise amplifiers, drivers, power amplifiers, dividers, hybrids, attenuators, oscillators, and planar/discrete filters.
2nd January 2014

Latest software and design solutions at MWE 2013

AWR has revealed that it will exhibit from Booth A505 at the 2013 Microwave Workshops and Exhibition from November 27 to 29 in Yokohama, Japan. At the show, AWR will be conducting software demonstrations of the AWR Design Environment to inform and educate attendees about key features and applications.
13th November 2013

AWR announces agendas for AWR Design Forum 2013

AWR has finalized the agendas and opened registration for the 11 remaining venues of its ADF European tour.  ADF is a free and open event where designers of microwave and RF circuits and systems such as monolithic microwave integrated circuits, RF printed circuit boards, and LTE communication systems can network, share useful information and resources pertinent to high-frequency design, and collaborate on industry issues and trends.
18th October 2013

Ultra-wideband Doherty amplifier reference design

NXP's ultra-wideband Doherty reference design has been updated. Now AWR Microwave Office design environment ready, the updated reference design incorporates the BLF884P and BLF884PS transistors for ultra-wideband Doherty power amplifiers (which operate from 470 to 806 MHz) and a 70 W DVB-T UWB LDMOS reference design (which uses NXP’s patent-pending architecture capable of operating over an ultra-wideband spectrum in the UHF broadcast spectrum).
16th October 2013

AWR introduces AWR Connected for AMPSA

AWR announce AWR Connected for AMPSA, a synthesis-through-simulation design flow specifically developed to improve design throughput and productivity for amplifier designers. AMPSA’s software provides synthesis solutions for impedance-matching networks and high dynamic range RF and microwave amplifiers that integrate directly with AWR’s Microwave Office circuit design software.
10th October 2013

AWR Releases Linwave Technology Customer Success Story Showcasing an X-band Linearizer Design

Linwave Technology recently faced a design challenge involving an X-band predistortion linearizer operating at 7.9-8.4GHz. The design spec required that a module be produced that generates an AM-AM and AM-PM profile, which at a prescribed drive level cancels out the AM-AM and the AM-PM of a power amplifier (in this case a traveling-wave tube) and thereby extends its linear dynamic range. Using a combination of variable attenuators and phase shifters in conjunction with 
the Microwave Office tuning utility, a design that gave the required control of AM-AM and AM-PM was quickly realized.
4th October 2013

"Microwave & RF Design: A Systems Approach" eBook excerpt

For a limited time, AWR will offer a free eBook download of Chapter 18, “Wideband Amplifiers,” from the new second edition of engineering professor Michael Steer’s textbook, Microwave & RF Design: A Systems Approach. The eBook excerpt download also contains embedded video tutorials of Professor Steer demonstrating key principles of design as they pertain to the wideband amplifier case study contained within its pages.
30th September 2013

AWR company overview and EuMW 2013 activities

AWR company overview and EuMW 2013 activities
The wireless revolution that brought smart phones and wifi-enabled everything to you, is largely thanks to AWR. Our software is what microwave and RF engineers use to design wireless products.... from base stations to cellphones to satellite communications. We accelerate the design and product development cycle of high-frequency ICs and systems found within the aerospace/defense, semiconductor, computer, consumer electronics, and telecommunications markets by reducing the time it takes from concept thru to manufacturing.
24th September 2013

"Design Flow Considerations for PA MMIC Design" Whitepaper

"Design Flow Considerations for PA MMIC Design" Whitepaper
A new white paper from AWR, “RF/Microwave EDA Software Design Flow Considerations for PA MMIC Design,” examines a gallium arsenide pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor power amplifier design approach from a systems perspective. The design flow and its essential features for most PA design projects is illustrated through the design of a simple, Class A GaAs pHEMT monolithic microwave integrated circuit PA using AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software.
2nd September 2013

AWR announces IMS2013 Student Design Contest winners

AWR gifted its software to the winners of the High Efficiency Power Amplifier and Software Defined Radio Student Design Contests offered at the 2013 International Microwave Symposium Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Conference. The gifts are part of the AWR University Program, which sponsors student design contests throughout the world to encourage students to become involved in the dynamic profession of microwave and RF engineering and to apply their knowledge to practical designs using the highly efficient AWR design methodology.
23rd August 2013

AWR Microwave Office used for revolutionary mixer design

AWR Microwave Office used for revolutionary mixer design
AWR has today revealed that its customer, Marki Microwave, has leveraged its high-frequency design software platform to develop a new design and manufacturing flow for successful mixer design. The revolutionary new mixer design flow combines AWR’s Microwave Office circuit design software and Marki’s patent-pending Microlithic mixer manufacturing process. This has resulted in a 14x reduction in the size of Marki’s mixers and a 5x reduction in design time, without affecting the quality or performance.
14th August 2013

CTU Prague Students Achieve Microwave and mm-Wave Circuit Design Success with AWR

The Czech Technical University in Prague challenges its graduate engineering students to master the basic design of microwave circuits and subsystems and become familiar with the concepts of active and passive microwave and millimeter wave circuit designs. CTU uses AWR’s Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM EM simulation software extensively in both coursework and research because it is fast to learn and easy to use, enabling students to successfully master the complex concepts of high-frequency design and complete their master’s theses.
18th July 2013

AWR Partners with James Cook University Professor Keith Kikkert to Offer eBook on RF Design

AWR announces a new eBook, RF Electronics: Design and Simulation, which is available free of charge to students, graduates, professors and industry professionals through AWR’s new Professors in Partnership web portal.
25th June 2013

Modelithics Simulation Model Library v10.1 Available For AWR Microwave Office

AWR and Modelithics announce the availability of Version 10.1 of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library of passive and active device models for AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library offers the industry’s most advanced simulation models for passive components, transistors, diodes, and more, which are completely integrated within Microwave Office.
4th June 2013

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