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Microchip adds Bluetooth module for streaming audio

This video from Microchip Technology highlights the key features and benefits of the new Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Kit (Part number RN-52-EK).
13th August 2013

Laird Bluetooth modules feature innovative firmware

Laird Bluetooth modules feature innovative firmware
Laird Technologies have today released a new series of Bluetooth modules, the BTM46x Series. Innovative firmware on the BTM46x series is based on the CSR BC04 chipset, allowing OEMs to support Bluetooth data connectivity for all PCs, smartphones and tablets including Apple iOS devices. Accelerating time to market, this firmware enables Apple licensees to leverage Bluetooth data connectivity, via the iAP protocol, into their MFI accessories.
1st August 2013

Easy Bluetooth Smart app development with TI's SensorTag app for Android 4.3

Following the recent launch of Android 4.3 “Jelly Bean” with native support of Bluetooth Smart Ready, Texas Instruments unveil the Bluetooth Smart SensorTag app for Android. Available here for free , TI's new Bluetooth Smart SensorTag app removes entry barriers for app developers wanting to take advantage of the millions of Android smartphones and tablets that will soon be Bluetooth Smart Ready.
30th July 2013

Cypress Qualifies Bluetooth Low Energy Radio to Integrate with PSoC

Cypress has qualified a Bluetooth Low Energy radio to integrate with its programmable platforms. Cypress will develop single-chip solutions combining this radio with its PSoC programmable system-on-chip, industry-leading CapSense capacitive sensing and TrueTouch touchscreen technologies. These combinations will enable Cypress to quickly address emerging Bluetooth Smart applications such as PC peripherals, remote controls, wearable electronics and portable medical devices.
16th July 2013

Bluetooth SIG reveal Record Growth in Bluetooth Smart devices

A string of moves to add increasing levels of Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart technology integration by leading OS providers like Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, and most recently, Google, sets the stage for extraordinary growth of Bluetooth Smart devices. Apple, Google and Microsoft released upgrades from their respective developer conferences making it easier for developers to build appcessory devices. The potential for Bluetooth Smart is virtually unlimited as soccer balls, tennis shoes, watches, keyless entry systems, and even beds already utilize the ultra-low power technology.
10th July 2013

Wireless Modules Give Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Connectivity

Wireless Modules Give Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Connectivity
Murata gave engineers attending the Fortronic RF/Wireless Forum in Oxford a first look at its LBEP series of wireless modules that provide wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity. The modules are based around the WiLink 8.0 solutions from Texas Instruments.
26th June 2013

Murata Announces New Wireless LAN And Bluetooth Transceiver Modules

Murata announce the LBEP series of wireless modules providing wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy connectivity. Based around the WiLink 8.0 solutions from Texas Instruments, the miniature modules measure just 8.8 x 9.9 x 1.3 mm and offer a complete low cost, highly integrated approach to providing wireless connectivity to a wide range of consumer, industrial and commercial applications.
25th June 2013

Laird Unveil Bluetooth Smart Application Powered By Thermal Energy

Laird Technologies have announced today that it will demonstrate a Bluetooth Smart application powered by thermal energy at Sensors Expo 2013. The application uses a Thermobility Wireless Power Generator to provide power for Laird's BL600 Bluetooth Low Energy module. The solution offers design engineers the ability to integrate renewable energy sources into their BLE-based remote sensor applications.
3rd June 2013

CSR announces launch of second generation Bluetooth Smart platforms

CSR today announces the launch of its second generation Bluetooth Smart platforms, designed to give greater flexibility to developers looking to create low-power wireless accessories. The CSR1010 and CSR1011, part of the CSR µEnergy range, will provide developers with end-to-end solutions for a range of devices, including HIDs such as wireless remote controls, mice and innovative ‘accessories’.
29th May 2013

Broadcom Announces Bluetooth Smart Chip

Broadcom today introduced a new Bluetooth Smart SoC to propel a broader range of low-cost, low-power peripherals to work with Android-based smartphones and tablets. The company also announced the contribution of its Bluetooth software stack, including classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (formerly Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, to the Android Open Source Project.
29th May 2013

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